Ok so we like to do our part for the environment,who does not but millions of phones are recycled each year and manufacturers are trying harder to make our devices more environmentally friendly its been a practice some time now.

On average i would go through about 20-30 devices at least per year due to my interests but most of these devices are high end and i don’t particularly hang on to low end or entry level devices that long and either pass them on or donate to charity,i would do this with some of my high ends pending the condition,if not they are passed on to family or friends,but i keep some for testing purposes etc..


Today the BBC reports something perhaps not so new in hindsight but something that could be a new thing and more common than expected and thats phones made from grass,yes you read this correctly PHONES MADE FROM GRASS.

A designer called Sean Miles has created such a device,well albeit partially made from grass… the rest is recycled material.the cover actually looks nice and not something unfamiliar we have not seen before when it comes to cases with designs or patterns,so its just a matter of the case being more real than picturesque as they would look today on Amazon or eBay.Recently 02  had one of these made from Twickenhams rugby pitch clippings.

Draft Caption - O2 Grass Phone Shoot - 12/3/15 © Mikael Buck



It is the first mobile phone made entirely from recycled and natural products, he says.

The phone’s casing – which is integrated into the phone – is made from recycled resin and specially treated grass clippings.

“This creates a composite material, like carbon fibre”, says Mr Miles, which can be used as an alternative to plastic injection moulding.

Mr Miles was originally commissioned to make the phone as a one-off by O2 Recycle, a division of the mobile phone giant, to highlight the value of recycling.




What do you think of this idea,would this put you off a phone made from such materials or would you prefer it and help contribute more to the environment ?

Source Video of the device is in link.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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