Today we all need things on the go, be it any information, a news, office presentation or even charging mobile devices. This need of portability has given rise to a lot of portable devices and today we are covering with you a unique device which is affordable, portable and can produce over 7 hours of battery charging on the go. We bring you an exclusive interview with Anthony Peacock, Director of DEB-TONE ENTERPRISES from Perth, Australia, a former full time Fire-Fighter whose desperate need for portable charger have birth to this idea. Read on to know more.


– How did the idea of Flat Attack come up?

Flat Attack came up from the need for an emergency phone charger that was compact,  and did not require power cables. Fighting fires as well as previously been in the Australian Army Airborne, often meant Anthony went long periods of time away from a power source, which rendered his mobile phone useless in the field. The resulting idea was to create a key ring sized universal device charger which was powered by one AA battery and didn’t need an initial charge.


– What is Flat Attack?

Flat Attack is an Australian Designed key ring sized, universal emergency phone and device charger. It is the World’s most powerful, single AA battery operated, mobile phone charger, outperforming 90% of all chargers in the World, that are of a similar size.
Flat Attack will supply an instant charge to your Smart Phone of up to 7 hours or more. Flat Attack does not replace your day to day charger. Flat Attack is an emergency top up charge, when you are away from normal power means.


– What are the capabilities of Flat Attack?

Flat Attack provides an instant charge 24/7. Flat Attack provides up to 7 hours of charge time which can equate to up to 57% mins of talk time. It is small and can be kept in you pocket, key ring or handbag. As is widely known, AA batteries last for years and can hold their charge allowing for use at any point. Flat Attack comes with clip on adapter for iPhone 4-6 and can be used to charge a wide range of portable devices.
Flat Attack is perfect for after hours use, camping, hiking, festivals, business travelling, power outs, car glove compartment and any other time where there is no access to power.


– Who is the team Flat Attack?

Anthony started his own company Debtone Enterprises Pty Ltd , which is a small, start-up technology company in Perth WA, Australia and after 4 years of hard work Flat Attack is finally at Kickstarter stage.

– What is the design mantra behind Flat Attack?

Flat Attack (Trade Marked) has been designed to comply with the new environmental standards and has a Micro USB port. This Micro USB port is 50% more energy efficient and will now be the preferred charger pin for all devices. This means no leads that end up in rubbish fills and damage the environment.


– What are the future plans & product line you are looking into?

With the new Flat Attack Key Charger now you are fully covered for charging anywhere you go. Flat Attack Key Charger, is a smaller compact USB charger when a power source is available eg. Computer or laptop, allowing users to plug in and charge or sync devices from any computer without having to carry a charger. This device does not store power. Its just  shorter version of your power leads (cables). The key charger comes in 2 types an Apple  or Android.
If the funding goals are realised, Flat Attack will be made annual or in other bright colours.
There are further plans too which weren’t disclosed now but are part of future plans once these are in full production.


– Who are your Partners?

Form Designs from Australia, Atamo, Wrays & Boomi Films are the companies who have extended their support for the success of this innovative idea. Anthony extends special thanks to HWTrek.

– When can we expect Flat Attack to be available for the masses?

Anthony says “Once funding has been reached we will pick up the phone and start the production run”.

Detailed Production Schedule
Funding complete (December 2014)
A deposit will be made to our manufacturer (January  2014)
Manufacturer to mass produce Flat Attack (January 2014)
Distributor ships completed orders / products to you direct (January / Febuary 2015)


– Specifications and Pricing details.

The original colour will be clean gloss white or Black. Flat Attack comes with the Apple 4/5/6 adapter key ring clip. Flat Attack has no adapter wires. It clips onto your key ring. There is a 2 tone colour LED that shows green when charged and red when charging. 
Flat Attack is operated by one AA  disposable battery. You can save money and use rechargeable AA batteries as well and just cycle them through a charger.  So if you really think about it, you can make Flat Attack into a rechargeable device (which is a great idea, both environmentally and economically).
Flat Attack uses state of the art DC to DC voltage regulation. “We took our time and are the only device in the world, that can produce 60 minutes of talk time on a mobile phone with 1 single AA battery” says Anthony.

Flat Attack is currently priced at $23 and $39 along with the Flat Attack key Charger.


– How is this different from other portable chargers and what people are saying about this project?

Jake King – Hootsuite – Security Engineer ” I have been using and testing Flat Attack in Australia and now where I live and work, in Canada. Flat Attack is by far the best charger I have used ,because I don’t need to worry about recharging it ”

Mike – CEO Boomi Films ” I have a Flat Attack in my car and I always carry one on location. I don’t have time to be chasing power points ”

Atamo – “By far the most exiting charging solution we have worked on. Flat Attack has ticked all of the boxes”

Edward Khoury and Sharon Khoury – Directors of Form Design Australia “We have been working on industrial designs for over 30 years. Flat Attack is a one in a lifetime product that we love”

Australian Army Commando – RSM P “I take Flat Attack everywhere, especially as there is no power at most locations I work in”

Fire fighter – “Flat Attack is perfect for us. We work long hours away from home and have no way of charging our phones, to inform our loved ones we will be home late”


It was great knowing about this innovative project from the person himself who had involved himself into it right from the scratch, we wish Anthony and his team all the very best and would love to see this great piece of tech becoming successful and thank Anthony for his time and co-operation.

We will update you with our take on this brilliant device one we get this, till then check more about this here.

Stay tuned for more updates and tech buzz.


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