IMG_20141113_215347Ever wondered how fast your son drove car when he was alone? Or wanted to know where he was going with his friends? Even better, wanted to know which direction you headed to while trekking or how high you have climbed or some complex physics? Well well I’m not trying to scare you with these questions, just introducing you with the unique Developer Device from the Haltian Visionary Labs the Thingsee. Yes, Thingsee is the answer to not only the questions asked there but to many more questions. We had an exclusive interview with dynamic Ville Ylläsjärvi, the 33 Year Old guy who is the Founder of Thingsee & Co Founder of Haltian. Read on to know more about Thingsee and what’s unique about this startup.


– Who are you guys?

Haltian is a Team of former Nokia people – we started the company roughly 2 years ago, and have since grown to a company employing over 70 great engineers & visionaries. We used to work at Nokia, in a team building completely new types of products.


– How did Thingsee idea come up?

We were working on a real-time asset tracking project inside Haltian Visionary Labs and our engineers were constantly talking about many other uses for the hardware. We realised the same system could be used in many, many other use cases as well – and also was a better fit for what we know best.


– What is your product Thingsee One?

Thingsee One is the World´s first smart developer device. It is a sensor device built to sense the surroundings and create meaning of real life events. It is meant for people who have ideas around how to use the internet of things to their advantage, be it in business and in life. With Thingsee, we want to also introduce a great tool for people to build new businesses without needing to invest in a hardware team. In a way, they get our expertise in Hardware design along the Thingsee One.


– What are the capabilities of Thingsee One?

We wanted to create something that is ultimately mobile – meaning that you can leave it behind to monitor or track stuff when you are gone. We included GSM, so that you´ll get the data & events from almost anywhere. We included a lot of sensors, because quite often the data the users get turns out to be useful in the end. We also added some very new sensors and connectivity, so that people can come up with new and crazy stuff. We made Thingsee One open source so that we are more an enabling, rather than a producing company. We aim at being one of the most user-friendly open source companies out there.

– Who is the team Thingsee?

The core Team is now Me (Ville) that got Thingsee started, Pasi Jokinen, the web services wizard  and Anu Lapola – the make-it-all-happen, In addition we have a great team of engineers and designers working on Thingsee project at Haltian.

– What are the Future plans?

We want to change things. We imagine that individuals and startups can compete head-to-head with established companies with their services & applications. We imagine people doing all sorts of new innovations with Thingsee. We imagine students learning to code with Thingsee. It Is quite nice to think that instead of investing over one million Euros into HW development, one brilliant entrepreneur can start with a few hundred Euros and a highly competitive offering


– Who are your partners?

We have built Thingsee using high quality components from global manufacturers. We will be announcing partnerships in the near future. However, we are also an open company and want to remain in an open dialogue with everyone.


Introducing Thingsee One:

Thingsee One is a developer device which is loaded with sensors to sense your surrounding and give you exactly what data you are looking for connected with your phone. It is beautiful piece of tech, with top notch build quality in a water resistant shell, with a monochrome display. Take a look at the official video to know what am I taking about.

Key Features:

• Open source developer device designed for Internet of Things innovations

• Ready to be used out of the box, comes with a mobile application and connection to a Thingsee server for demonstration and development purposes

• Thingsee OS has a Smart purpose engine that makes it possible to create events of the sensor data on the device

• Ultra low power hardware design with adaptive power consumption • Designed for mobility with cellular connectivity and long battery life

• Usable outdoors with shock and water resistant IP67 mechanics

• A-GPS/GNSS location

• Wide variety of power optimized MEMS sensors: 3D accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, temperature, humidity, pressure and ambient light

• Wireless local connectivity with WLAN and future proof Bluetooth LE 4.1

• Extendable: more sensors can be connected via BT or using free serial interfaces on PWB.


Currently Thingsee One can be pre ordered for $149. You can meet the team at Slush coming this week and also at Mobile Web Congress.


Let us know what do you feel about it in the comments section below and thank you very much team Thingsee for your valuable time.


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