At this moment, practically every mobile manufacturer are trying to have the bigger and better displays units on their phones, but only few has manage to accomplish this task.

4" and 736 ppi
4″ and 736 ppi

In a world where QHD 5+” is becoming the new standard, Sharp amaze the world presenting the new 4.1 inch IGZO displays with an insane resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels Or 736 ppi!!

According to Sharp this new display will bring the same experience of a 6-inch 4K screen. Even when no matter how good your eyes are or how many times people tell you great thing about your “eagle eyes”, you’ll never tell the difference on that size.

Tech description
Tech description

What’s really important here is what the future will bring to the table, personally I don’t think having a 2K  or higher display in such small size is a decisive factor.

But, is up to you! Tell us in the coments below if having the sharpest displays is a deal breaker or maker for you!

Stay tuned for more Tech info!


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