Drop is a new kitchen innovation created by four Irish techies that just so happened to have an empty stomach and an idea at the same time.


Drop is a teardrop shaped measuring plate that pairs with an iPad app to turn cooking into something that doesn’t bring on sighs of complaint. It brings you through preparation, cooking and even serving – but it also has a few tricks up it’s sleeve that make it even more appealing. The Drop app knows that there’s a high chance that we just used our last bottle of vanilla extract, or whatever ingredient you can’t find in the back of the press – so it suggests alternatives to these ingredients with the click of a button, pretty neat right?

As well as that, say you only have 300g of flour, but you need 400g, just tell the app this and it’ll automatically adjust the amount of all the other ingredients so that whatever you’re making still turns out great.

What really makes sure of this device’s success though is it’s tie in with Harvey-Norman stores, as Co- founder and CEO Ben Harris says that they’ll be “in every store in Ireland”. This is a great achievement for them as it will ensure great sales, speaking of which, the device is set to cost €99.95 and can be bought on the 24th of November.



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