First look at QuiteOn 3, World’s Smallest Active Noise-Cancelling Earbuds Specifically Designed to Improve Sleep

Earlier this year we checked out the QuiteOn 2 and I was impressed with how these work, Given they are expensive and one asks how do they compare to traditional methods to block out sound they do a really good job and they have to tested to realise just how good they are. The new model which has just landed are half the size and come in a really premium case and look great and it shows how technology is getting better as time goes on, If this is company can do this I look forward to seeing if traditional earbuds can get this small.


The new QuietOn 3 earbuds are the first earbuds small enough to fit entirely inside the ear, making  them the only active noise cancelling (ANC) sleep solution that is comfortable enough for everyone,  including side sleepers. The superior comfort and pure Nordic quietude lets users enjoy a good  night’s sleep for better overall health and a readiness to tackle each day with a clear, rested mind. According to QuietOn CEO Jussi Lemiläinen, QuietOn 3 debuts at an ideal time – as consumer  interest in the benefits of sleep health is at an all-time high, thanks to better sleep education and new  tracking devices.

Stay tuned for the full review soon and check out the video below for a comparison to the last model..