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The OBSBOT Tiny 2 is an AI-powered PTZ 4K Webcam mounted on a 2-axil gimble allowing the movement/tracking as required, weighing in at 95.6g. This came with Built-in dual omnidirectional mics with noise reduction with a Power USB-Type C 3 Interface. The Tiny 2 while small felt solid to hold and a strong plastic material, The unit came with a Lightweight aluminum alloy Magnetism Adjustable Mount for Snap-On Installation. A separate kit was supplied as OBSBOT Meet Remote Control, with a Wireless Connection and an Extendable (optional) Tripod to mount the OBSBOT Tiny Series to adjust the height as required.


The supplied USB-C to USB-A adapter is a bonus to allow multifunction connections to products. The supplied Storage case is ideal for hybrid working ensuring all components are packed away as neatly as required, which a standard USB C cable in use. 

As part of this review, Techbuzz Ireland used the optional accessories

  • OBSBOT Meet Remote Control
  • Extendable Tripod


  • AI Tracking: Upgrade in AI tracking algorithms ensures smooth and accurate tracking of fast-moving objects, the addition of other faces, or changes in lighting conditions. Whether it’s a video call, presentation, or live streaming, the OBSBOT Tiny 2 webcam maintains focus on your target without losing sight.
  • Ultra Large 1/1.5” CMOS: Elevate your webcam experience with OBSBOT Tiny 2. It features an ultra-large 1/1.5″ CMOS sensor for unparalleled 4K, 30 frames webcam image quality.
  • Different Control Modes: Voice Control-Operate 4k webcam with easy and intuitive voice commands in English like “Hi, Tiny”, “Sleep Tiny” “Track Me”, “Unlock Me”, etc; Gesture Control 2.0-Based on the OBSBOT Tiny 4K webcam existing gesture control feature,
  • Multiple Modes: By downloading the OBSBOT WebCam App, you can enjoy the benefits of Beauty Mode, Desk Mode, Whiteboard Mode, Hand Mode, and Group Mode.
  • Various Placement Methods: Streaming webcam can be placed in four new shooting modes: Landscape, Portrait, Downward and Upside-down. These modes are suitable for video calls, vertical screen live streaming, desktop sharing, and remote teaching, providing a wider perspective and clearer details for the audience.

Compatible: Windows and Mac computers. 


The setup is standard in terms of connecting the Kit, which is connecting a UBC C cable to your laptop. Software can be downloaded to enhance the features via the install OBSBOT WebCam from https://www.obsbot.com/download, (If not downloaded basic features of AI Tracking, Gesture Control, Voice Control, etc, will work) Once downloaded the featured via voice, manual or remote can be enabled or disabled.

Voice command:

The OBSBOT Tiny 2 has voice controls which can turn on the Camera or put it to sleep. When using the voice controls the language used has to match exactly as per the instructions in the manual. It was noticed while this is an excellent feature, on occasion, this had to be repeated to ensure the voice was correctly picked up. The Features like track me when enabled via the AI are excellent in following the presenter around the room, with the option to change to go to a pre-stored position. This feature worked very well when the camera was put


OBSBOT Tiny Smart Remote 2

The Remote combines a presentation clicker and webcam remote control to control a multi-cam setup and preset positions.

Privacy Mode:

The Camera when disabled via the voice command “Sleep tiny”  or via the remote turns the camera via the 2-axle gimble to tilt down the camera to the ground ensuring privacy is observed when not in use. Again, simple but effective use of its technology. 

Warranty:  This is a disappointment with a 1-year warranty as standard. 


Typically the word Tiny would indicate that this is smaller than the norm and lacks a punch for a product being of limited feature, How wrong could you be in terms of judging a book by its cover, The Tiny 2 came with the simple things done well, a USB C to C connection, an adapter to use USB A to your laptop as required, and a storage case. It’s small and lightweight, making it easy to transport. 

As an extra touch the Smart Remote 2 combines a presentation clicker and webcam remote allowing for a multitude of options, The supplied stand looks like a simple piece of metal but expands to a proper tripod stand allowing the adaption of its use from connected to a laptop to be used in a boardroom or taken to a presentation when out and about.

The kit has many features, Video Quality, Auto Focusing, Dual Native ISO via the bigger sensor  – 1/1.5’’ CMOS and Beauty Mode, ( smooths your skin and brightens your eyes), 

The  AI Features, are Auto Tracking with Auto Zoom, and Hands-free Voice Control one of my favourite features via its algorithm is  Hand Tracking. This allows the camera to follow your arm in any direction required,  thus focussing on a specific area or product as part of a presentation, this could then be changed to “Follow me” via voice command. The camera  Video Resolution of 4K@30fps, MJPEG, H264  with a 4x digital zoom would be sufficient for most users. 

The tiny is like a Swiss army knife of features allowing multiple uses, where manually control the camera, gesture, voice or via the remote. 


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