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The StoryPhones & StoryShield Storytelling Headphones for Kids is a great idea and simple product for you child to listen to audio without a phone or tablet in their hand keeping them free from harms way which these days has become an issue and this will be a great idea for Christmas or a gift.

The presentation is also excellent giving you plenty of details on the box itself and there is an app to go with it which we delve into in the video review below, it is simple to get going you can connect via cable or bluetooth and you can sign into your Wi-Fi and a one time process, the store has lots of other offers there to so check it out.

The controls are simple to use for any child with volume controls on the app to pick from, there is no real control on the app as to what you can do but these are on the headphones and simple to use, the disc that sits on one of the cups also acts as a control to skip and reverse and taking it off pauses which is neat, these can also be customised and you can upload your own audio which is really neat. I did find the magnet a little week but when your child is sitting down they should be fine.

These are comfortable to wear too and light and seem robust enough for kids and should last though the maintaining them might be an issue as time goes on keeping them clean with the Blue and Pink colours available but hey kids will be kids.

Overall these are a great product with crisp clean audio for any child to listen too and better again it keeps them off mobile devices which is not good for their health.




StoryPhones & StoryShield

StoryPhones are the first smart, portable wireless audio entertainment device for children combining high-performance headphones with an internet-connected content player. Access stories by simply popping a StoryShield disc into the StoryPhones. It will then automatically download the story into the headphone’s memory and start playing. After the initial download, it will play the content independent of any network or other device.

Curated Content

Discover the StoryPhones library full of carefully curated content, suitable for children aged 3 and up, that entertains and educates with audio stories, music and more. This careful selection allows parents to relax, knowing it’s not necessary to monitor what children are listening to. Over the coming years, ONANOFF will continue this ongoing collaboration with Disney to build an enchanting collection of magical stories for kids to enjoy. In addition to Disney, other exciting licensing collaborations will be added to bring even more characters to the range of StoryShields.

Record a Personalized Story with PlayShield

StoryPhones also offer the option of recording personalized stories, in a loved one’s voice, through the mobile app, creating a customized StoryShield called PlayShield. This way, users can record family stories and share the ones that shaped an individual’s life with generations to come. It’s also a brilliant way to stay connected with loved ones far away. Even though grandparents live in another country, a child can hear a bedtime story read by grandma and when away, or at work, parents can soothe children with a pre-recorded lullaby.

Relax with ZenShield

A StoryShield, aptly named ZenShield, contains relaxing audio profiles to help overstimulated kids calm down, relax and even sleep. The shield includes a collection of pink noises, from piano to ocean waves, from rain drops to the original and exclusive RoRo Sound.

Audio Promotes Literacy and Improves Comprehension

By listening to stories, children are encouraged to increase learning capabilities. 85% of what is learnt, is learnt by listening and listening to audio increases reading accuracy by 52%. It also improves comprehension by 76%, providing context and helping children decode words and understand the text better. Listening to audio also increases motivation by 67%. Taking children away from the screens of smart devices can help children sleep better and focus better at school.

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  • Built-in Internal Memory
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.2 Class 2 & BLE
  • Internal microphone
  • Volume limit settings 75/85/94dB
  • 600mAH Lithium battery
  • Multi-Axis MEMS Accelerometer
  • USB-C charging
  • 40mm diameter size driver
  • Audio sharing
  • 3.5mm jack audio in/out

Video review 

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