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Having manzy gizmos today in your kitchen is not uncommon and for me a juicer was one thing I have had and went through a few of them in my time, now I am no juicer expert either so let me get that clear from the offset however like I said I have had a few and this one has been the simplest one I have tried and giving the best results with no lumps at the end of my glass which is disgusting in my opinion, not only that it takes the labour out of doing the work which with technology today has made people terrible lazy but this Slow juicer is a gift to use it is simple to set up simple to clean and looks great especially in this mint green colour.

It will take you literally 5 mins to get going after you read the manual so you know where you are at and after that if you are into juices you will get better lump free ones with this one and might be a better taste to them too. It is no a huge juicer either and will fit in any kitchen and requires a plug nearby, you get all you need in the box as you will see in the full video review below and you are good to go how much more simpler do you want it.

The design is nice and the unit feels robust and solid and after using it for a few weeks it has not caused any issues, I would suggest peeling skins of your Apples and Oranges though and what we have here in my house is Apple and Orange juice and sometimes carrot juice. You will see how simple it is to use via the manual and it is a very short process from putting the desired fruit into the hopper and watch the magic happen.

Check the video below for more and see what to expect and this is not expensive either.


One Button Assembly

Our original horizontal insertion and one union joint installation not only reduce the tremble but also help to avoid the occurrence of anomalies such as juice leakage and electricity leakage, and thus make the operation more secure.

Unique Auger

Safe bladeless design and fine grinding are achieved by our customized auger. Its screw threads thoroughly squeeze and liquefy ingredients while preserving the freshest taste, texture, and nutrients for your ideal daily diet.

New Upgrade Filter-free Technology

By removing the sharp and porous strainer that might cause finger cuts and bacterial growth, this human-centered machine makes creating fresh and highly nutritious juice with fiber-rich pulp easy. Moreover, customers can achieve 5 seconds of convenient and quick rinsing for the auger without a brush or any other tool. Simple cleaning, convenient use, and healthy drinking are realized in one step.

Stable Juicing,Intelligent and Safe

The body is fixed horizontally with two shafts, the juicing is stable and does not shake, and there is a lower support design to increase stability; high-end safety configuration, automatic shutdown in case of blockage and super load, automatic protection of the machine overheating, which can automatically stop after 20 minutes of continuous operation to ensure safety.


Video Review

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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