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The latest earbuds from EDIFIER have been in my ears some time now and it is time to have a chat and once again they knock it out of the park bar one small caveat for me so lets get that out of the way which is in fairness a small gripe and that is the limit on the controls at one time on the earbuds which is two commands. It is no huge deal but can be fixed with a software update but the rest from here on in is just great.

The design is clean I like it with the glossy white finish and nice clean case to go with the earbuds so overall clean simple and to the point and not too bulky an earbud either. They fit well in the ears and look good and also stand out and the brand logo is there for all to see, I have noticed here more shops stocking EDIFIER products which is great and they are a company I can stand by as I have done so for years with great audio products and I like to see the brand being now noticed more by third part retailers here.

The EDIFIER connect app is where it is also at and again they have all the features required bar the control limits but having said that you cans till put your own options in here, they are fully customisable and let you take control, Why I say this about the controls and the two controls option per side is we are mostly used to having three or more options each side but it is fine due to the options you have here and for most I would imagine will give them a pass here.

The EDIFIER TWS1 Pro – techbuzzireland

The EQs are great you can also customise your own and enjoy all the other features on board you have also go wear detection, low latency so for gamers they are ideal and I noticed no lag latency during my testing on gaming or audio etc, the volume is loud which I personally prefer and the ANC is pretty decent you also have two levels of ANC and transparency mode/ ambient sound which is great.

The sound overall though is brilliant, loud clear clean hues on all genres and pretty much center stage and for the price you cant really go wrong, battery life is on the lower end but no huge deal here and overall anyone who picks them up will be happy with these earbuds and again I would not expect anything less from the company.


The App



Main Features:

    • Long Battery Life. Around 4 hours music playtime with ANC ON with 12 hours charging case. A total 16 hours playtime.
    • Active noise cancellation with 2 levels of ANC selection and multiple ANC modes is designed to reduce unwanted background noise in various environments.
    • Clear call quality. Built-in microphone to ensure high quality calls.
    • Wear Detection. Music will pause automatically when taken out of your ear and will start playing once you place them back in.
    • Ultra-low latency connection with seamless experience on gaming activities.
    • Edifier Connect App. Unlock all the features through APP: customize control setting and EQ selection (Classic/POP/Classical/Rock).
  • Dust proof and splash proof for active wear. IP54 certified.

Price & Availability:

The Edifier TWS1 Pro 2 is available for £49.99 from https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0C7L1KJRQ

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