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From the company spearheading innovation in senior technology, comes a new, unique audio device. Today, Doro, the European market leader in senior mobile phones, announces the launch of its expertly sound enhanced Doro HearingBuds, designed to meet the evolving needs of senior users.

With Doro research showing that over one quarter of seniors (29%) have a hearing impairment, the Bluetooth-enabled Doro HearingBuds, which are compatible with both Android and iOS devices, provide seniors with a rich and more natural sound experience.

Doro HearingBuds are equipped with advanced sound technology, including professional hearing enhancement algorithms that are frequently used in hearing aids. The acoustical design prioritises a natural and superior sound experience while reducing occlusion. This makes them the ideal choice for those who struggle to hear and follow conversations in loud environments and those who would benefit from personalised audio settings when watching TV. They also provide seniors with clear, high-quality sound when listening to their favourite music, podcasts or watching media on their chosen device.

They have pre-set profiles which optimise the quality of speech frequencies, television or media audio and enhance the natural sound balance in the environment in which the user finds themselves. Whether they’re in a busy café or restaurant for a family dinner with lots of background noise and chatter. Or at home watching television where the volume has crept up to an uncomfortable level for others also watching with regular hearing. The HearingBuds help them to isolate and focus on the sounds. These settings can be easily adjusted via the HearingBuds app. There is also a transient block function, protecting the user’s ears against sudden, loud sounds.

And users won’t have to worry about the battery dying quickly. The compact case can fully charge the Doro HearingBuds three times before it requires a recharge.

To ensure a smooth start up, there is a hearing test, which creates a personalised hearing profile for the user after a short evaluation sequence. Hearing settings can be saved and edited within the different app profiles according to the users’ preferences – this includes settings that adjust the range of audio focus and fine tune the HearingBuds to optimise users hearing comfort.

A Fast Pair system for android users, as well as Bluetooth pairing for iOS devices, ensures that all users can benefit from the HearingBuds, no matter their preference.

Thanks to the automatic left/right detection technology, the Doro HearingBuds sense the ear they are placed in and adapt the sound accordingly, so there can be no confusion about which HearingBud to place in which ear.

Doro recommend that users allow for a two-to-four-week period of regular use of the HearingBuds to allow time for their ears to tune in to the enhanced sound experience and reap the full benefits.

Doro HearingBuds are available to purchase via the Doro website and on Amazon UK for £360 (UK) and €399 (Ireland).

Peter Marsden, MD Doro UK & Ireland says: “We’re constantly looking at ways to address the evolving and expanding needs of seniors, as shown through the launch of our Doro Tablet and Doro Watch, two recent additions to the Doro family.

The new Doro HearingBuds build on this offering, providing our customers with the quality, simplicity and clarity required from an everyday, in-ear audio device. They have been designed for those who are beginning to sense a loss of audio clarity in certain environments and scenarios.

With unique sound amplification, seamless design and easy-to-use settings, the special features and streamlined app make the Doro HearingBuds the ultimate choice for seniors.”

Dr Nedelko Grbic, MD ExAudio AB.: “When using technology, users with hearing impairments often amplify the sound to potentially harmful levels in order to gain clarity. In addition to this, people typically wait up to 10 years before they seek professional hearing support or advice.

When designing the HearingBuds, we found a solution to this problem. They are built to amplify speech and sound frequencies to fall within the users specific hearing ability, toning down noise signals that would otherwise mask the speech. They are also equipped with technology which automatically adjusts the dynamic range of each frequency – preventing loud and uncomfortable sound amplification, which could cause further damage to the ears.”

Full list of features:

  • Easy grip with three sizes of silicone tips – allowing for a customisable fit
  • Natural, Hi-Fi quality sound without the isolating impact of noise cancellation
  • Easy-to-use, simplified app and pre-defined hearing profiles
  • Fast Pair set up on Android devices (as well as Bluetooth pairing for iOS devices) with hearing test and personalised sound profiles included
  • Transient block (guard for sudden sound peaks)
  • Tap control feature, instigating customisable commands (these can be set via the app)
  • Left/right HearingBud detection
  • Seamless integration with Android and iOS phones
  • Compact case which gives the HearingBuds two full charges before needing a recharge
  • Up to 11 hours of use (after one full charge of the HearingBuds)
  • Perfect for hands-free phone calls
  • Capacity for augmented hearing (future integration)

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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