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ChatGPT originating in November 2022 has triggered massive AI trends with other software like it emerging in the marketplace. As more bloggers rely on AI-generated content rather than the work of human writers, freelance writers risk losing clients and earnings. 

Here, we discuss different AI news stories in Ireland. We also offer tips on how to be a human writer in this new AI world and still make a living doing what you love. 

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The Cost Effectiveness of AI

Bloggers, influencers, and other content creators are shifting to using AI software to automatically write content quickly and effortlessly by inputting a description of their intended article subject and some supporting details. Of course, the person may have to do some research on their end to increase the piece’s overall credibility and link to external articles. 

Overall, paying for the full benefits of AI software is usually cheaper than outsourcing to human writers affiliated with a content writing company.  The drawback of saving money using AI is that the final piece may not feel as humanly generated because it lacks the unique nuance that human writers bring to the table. 

Irish Times Accidentally Publishes An AI-Generated Article

In May 2023, the Irish Times worked with a guest writer that gave them AI-written content. The subject of the article was fake tans. With thorough analysis, the editorial team found that part of the article and even the image provided to supplement writing were AI-generated. 

Hence, the newspaper company is now buckling down on its screening process to be sure guest writers deliver vetted, thorough, fact-checked work. It goes to show that many news outlets and their readers still appreciate and value human writing. 

Ireland Teachers Use AI Software To Generate Student Progress Reports

AI trends are affecting more than the online writing industry. The Association of Secondary Teachers in Ireland (ASTI) reported in April 2023 that many local educators purchased an AI software called the Real Fast Report

The AI software will assist in writing student progress reports. The teachers type in details about the child’s performance, grades, and overall progress that are auto-generated into a full report. 

Sure, this is convenient for the teachers who can now spend less time generating reports for a class of 20 or more students every semester. However, parents are skeptical because they feel their children’s progress will be misinterpreted. 

Tips for Being A Human Writer In An AI World

If you write content for a living, this section is for you! Writing is your art form and chosen career path and it’s best to learn what’s best to keep your passion and livelihood strong while being mindful of the new AI trends. 

Here are some tips on how to be a successful human writer in this new AI-driven world. 

Get To Know AI Platforms

While you want to still generate human-written content, AI can assist you along the way. Learn the software and discover how to generate blog topics. Ask for title suggestions if you hit writer’s block on what to generate content about and go from there. 

Do you have a large list of clients to email, but you do not have time to write carefully generated correspondence? AI programs can also help you write emails in a pinch. 

Learn New Writing Skills

You can write for many years and still not know all the techniques of the trade. If you are a blog writer, learn about blog writing recipes. Social media writers can always learn how to enhance their content strategy to be more effective in writing posts for clients. 

Enhance Your Creative Thinking

While AI can help you with the general tasks of developing topic ideas, don’t forget to tap into your creative thinking. Ask yourself:

  • What does my audience want to hear about this topic? 
  • What research anecdotes will support this topic and build my credibility?

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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