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The Jabra Elite 4 are a familiar looking pair of earbuds which comes from their current portfolio keeping things clean as usual and inline with past models making them fit right in on the range at an affordable price and these are aimed at those who want a seamless connection offering multipoint connection, fast and swift pair so moving between devices such as laptops and phones which many of us do today and effortless experience and this is what you get with these affordable earbuds and they do not lack in features either.

As mentioned the design is not new and consistent with past models so they fit well with the right tips which you should always check and also go through the sound test in the sound plus app to get them set up to your satisfaction. We have buttons again each side rather than touch sensitive controls which I prefer and these work well and always have with Jabra anyway so it is a win there.

Calum MacDougall, SVP at Jabra, said: “The modern earbud user is looking for tech that’s ready for work and play at their fingertips, whilst not compromising on key features. The Elite 4 offer a solution to this and is the perfect all-rounder, designed to help users to concentrate, connect, and call without distractions. It is the ideal companion to balance work and life.”  

So is the above correct? Well in short it is and we share how we found these new Elite 4 overall..

When it comes to sound you get the same quality and features as we have previously seen which is no surprise and there is not much to complain about in fact there is nothing on my findings and sometime of testing the sound is great and as expected alongside with call quality which was clear both ends. You have your controls at hand to customise them and also the app to customise the sound profiles and create your own and we will go through this in the review, what is different this time is the actual level of customising the buttons when it comes to controls as they are fixed this time rather than you being able to change them as you will see below and in the full video review after that.

So some may feel a bit inconvenienced because the controls are fixed this time around but the thing is all the controls are there as you would have seen in past earbuds only fixed but those familiar with Jabra might be a bit more custom to setting their own up and in reality it is not a huge deal being honest you have great sound as before great call quality and a long standing brand that delivers all the time with earbuds.

No lag latency was notice at all as expected decent volume too and for gaming they passed the test as many earbuds now cater for both audio and call fans and now gamers is a new feature we now see more of in earbuds. You have aptX but no AAC here too which is an ask people like in general and the battery life here is not the greatest in the world which is up to 28hrs with ANC off depending on your personal settings however as a whole at the price they come in at you cant really complain. There is no wireless charging which is a cost cutting measure but unlike me it is still something not massively adopted here and no big deal either.

If you are on a budget and do not want to fork out on the next tier or earbuds these fall into the mid-tier section but have good attributes gearing toward higher end and do not sound cheap either with no distortion on sound at max volumes. You can also use one earbud at a time too which is handy and something I do quite often these days. Check the video review below for more.

The App


Key features of the Elite 4:  

·                     Bluetooth® Multipoint means seamless switching between calls and apps 

·                     Fast Pair and Swift Pair ensure instant connections to laptops/phones 

·                     Active Noise Cancellation blocks out background noise 

·                     Comfortable fit for all-day wearing 

·                     4-microphone technology for optimised call clarity 

·                     Up to 22 hours total battery with ANC on (28 hours ANC off) 

·                     Go solo feature to use either earbud for listening or taking calls while the other charges 

·                     Spotify Tap playback 

·                     Qualcomm® aptX unlike competitors 

·                     IP55-rated rainproof protectionplus 2-year warranty 


Video Review 

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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