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I test many headphones here and when Pioneer asked me to check these out we just had too and before I go any further I am by no means a DJ, never was or will be one but I am familiar with the equipment and what is involved and I do have some DJ friends and that is as far as it goes but these headphones can also be used in a personal capacity with simple things you may have at home and they work, work really well in fact. I would have preferred the Bluetooth option to check out as there would be more to talk about but we shall tell you what is going on here with these bad boys.


These are built really well it must be said and for DJ headphones this must be the case with strengthened stress points on these they are built to last, joints is one of the main areas that go on headphones but these are built here and it is visible in comparison to your standard headphones. The ratchet style extensions are made with metal rather than plastic and the headband is tough too also so is the arms holding the cups.


Now these are comfortable given the smaller cups than I would like they isolate much of the noise once placed on the head and there is no clamping feeling either and this is for long term use too however this may vary per person as all our heads are not the same lads. Comfort is important and for the DJ especially so and they will be happy here at the level of comfort I would think..The cups can swivel 90 degrees which is great, the headband is also comfortable here and overall a great wearing experience.

As mentioned these are a standard plug in job and nothing technical when it comes to apps and buttons which for me is a new experince and feeling left out but having said that headphones still are made this way and sometimes the case is you do not need the extras but this is for a certain market and niche set of individuals..


Well this is the one part people will be interested in and in the capacity I tested them in they are quite good, I have some amps at home and a good home sound system and also test on my phone and overall the sound was quite good in all cases, due to the fact they cancel out most noise when even just placed on the head they deliver a rich audio experience. They will not deliver what other high end headphones will do with all the usual attributes applied however they isolate the outside world pretty good audio experience and it is kept simple really and you must take into account they are not headphones designed for music but mixing and all that jazz that comes along with DJ stuff and even if you just wanted a pair to listen to music and no bothered by buttons and apps and all that these will certainly do, but remember you might need a headphone jack which is far and few between on phones today but if you have a sound system at home or cinema set up yeah by all means check them out they are not expensive.

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