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The Apple Watch Ultra is a hugely expensive companion device and is a very nice looking watch I have to say despite not having so much love for the brand. I have though the last two years took another go with Apple and it must be said their watches are nice and the phone not so bad but with barriers still in place for many things which is why I still carry an Android device but with their watches they are good I will give them that and after having several models I went back to the Series 7 again after having the latest SE version which is just as good. Now before I go forward this does not add battery life or features it is just for looks.

A few have asked about the expensive product and I simply can’t justify the price regardless how good it looks and some conversion kits have cropped up online so I decide to get one for myself and convert the Series 7 45mm which I own and love and totally transform it into the Watch Ultra for around 20 euros, now you will be waiting a while to get these items delivered but today we check this out in a short video and let you see what to expect and get that Ultra Watch look at a fraction of the cost whilst updating your own watch.

Below is the links where I got the products and the video, the only thing is changing the face itself which can be modified in the app and who knows I still may pick the Watch Ultra up given that the product is not metal on the housing end but let us know what you think. It looks good but you will know it feels cheap. Perhaps later on there will be metal housing available which would come at an expense but would be worth it on the looks department.

Loop Band 

Pzoz face

Watch Conversion Video

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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