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XRWorkout, an extended reality company company, announces the launch of the VRWorkout fitness experience in the Meta Quest store. Using first-of-its-kind controller-free gameplay, VRWorkout builds on Meta Quest hand-tracking to unlock true bodyweight exercises like pushups, crunches, planks and burpees. The result is a high-intensity calisthenics workout, different from other VR fitness apps which focus mainly on cardio.

VRWorkout is designed to be a safe and balancing experience by engaging the user in a wide range of movements, while keeping them centered in a fixed location. The app uses a unique combination of immersive virtual worlds and the player’s immediate surroundings. Leveraging “passthrough” technology, VRWorkout creates a Mixed Reality fitness space that gives players presence in their real world while being fully engaged in the game. The app features arcade-style futuristic environments, as well as a strong song library for its debut launch.

A core value of VRWorkout is the community aspect of fitness, with a unique way for people to workout together across the globe in multiplayer group workouts. This enables a social fitness experience from the safety of players’ homes.

VR is the most effective way to guide people into following certain movements short of physically touching them. Compared to traditional 2D content it shows the players expected movements from their own vantage point. Minimizing the gap between instructions and action reduces mental stress by inviting a kind of “paint by numbers” training for health and fitness. VRWorkout users state they often ‘zone out’ and really enjoy the fun of the workout, without worrying about what to do next.

Designed as a fitness-first experience, VRWorkout offers user-level adapted workout routines every day. Even if the players repeat the same song multiple times, the in-workout performance adjusts the difficulty as well as changes sequence of movements for a VRWorkout that feels fresh every time.

As a fitness first experience, VRWorkout players always win even if they are not always “on beat”. Regular post launch updates like heart rate controlled exercise, an ever expanding workout catalog and continuous integration of cutting edge developments in the XR space give users the confidence that VRWorkout is leveraging the best of what digital innovation offers for optimized exercise.

VRWorkout is a global physical movement initiative, with a co-founding team that represents Europe, Asia and the US.

Co-founding CEO Alex Azzi steers the venture towards positively impacting humanity at scale. A serial entrepreneur in VR, software, and health and wellness with two exits, Azzi is responsible for leading the team and evangelizing the product.

CTO Michael Gschwandtner, PhD, based in Vienna, is the technical co-founder and a Software Engineer and Computer Scientist in the field of computer vision whose research and innovations include obstacle avoidance for self-driving trains, a popular LIDAR simulation toolbox and research on optical document security. He personally developed the basis of the app as a self-motivational tool for his own exercise routine.

Co-founder and Head of Global Partnerships, April Swando Hu, MBA, based in Singapore, is a Yale and Stanford-alumna, and steers VRWorkouts global strategy for both consumer, enterprise and government applications. Having dedicated her career to increasing access to global education and wellness programs, Hu’s main focus is promoting physical well-being at a personal and societal level.

Co-Founder Rachid Akiki, MD, MBA is a healthcare entrepreneur with a mission to decentralize the industry with his medicine expertise and people-management talent.

“Our mission at VRWorkout is to form a movement, driving the future of fitness, enabling happier, healthier and longevity“ says Azzi. “We are excited to be at the forefront of fitness on the exponentially growing platform of spatial computing, the next computing paradigm after mobile. We Are Movement!”

Find VRWorkout at XRworkout.io

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