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A business website can help you reach a wider market, 24 hours a day; and with it, enhance the success of your entity. However, without the right web host, your online marketing efforts may not materialize into something significant. 

Speed is one of the main factors to consider when choosing the right webhost for your business website. When it comes to the success of your business online, the speed at which your website loads is very important. A website that loads slowly will cause frustration among visitors, and in most cases result in them leaving the site, given how impatient online users tend to be. 

In addition to being capable of handling huge amounts of traffic, you should make sure that the connection provided by your webhost is always fast. 

To find out more about why fist website hosting is important for Irish business websites, continue reading below. 

What Is Webhosting? 

Before looking at why fast webhosting is important, you need to define webhosting first. In the simplest of terms, you will need to have a location to house all the information – including code, text, videos and images among others – on your website, if you own and operate the site yourself. This location which “hosts” your website is in essence a powerful server that belongs to and is operated by a web hosting service provider such as Maxer Web hosting in Dublin, Ireland

Whenever an internet user accesses your website the browser on their device links to this server and collects all the information needed to display the website on the user’s smartphone, tablet or computer. In the absence of managed webhosting services, website owners would have to own their own server that would be capable of allowing users to access the site round the clock. In addition to being expensive, this would also be impractical. 

Now that you have an idea of why businesses need webhosting services, read on to find out the importance of choosing a fast web host. 

Importance Of Fast Website Hosting

Higher Rankings In Search Engine Result Pages 

Google normally rewards fast websites with higher rankings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). This is mainly due to the fact that Google aims to provide the best user experience to users to ensure that it continues being popular – considering that your websites visitors are also by extension Google users. Your website must be able to load in no more than 2 to 3 seconds, in order to gain from this system. 

As a business looking to gain the most from their website, it is also important to note that about a third of all visitors to your site will move on after waiting for 3 seconds for it to load; and, about 90 percent of all visitors will move on after waiting for 5 or more seconds. This translates into lost leads or sales. 

While the speed of your web host is not the only determinant of your website’s loading speed, it is among the main determinants. As such, a fast web host may translate into higher Google rankings and more importantly, an enhanced ability to keep visitors on the site for longer. 

Customer Satisfaction 

If you are to achieve any significant online success through your business website, you will need to have a fast website. As mentioned above, customers want to get what they want on your website as quick as possible. Making them wait for longer, just because the site is loading slowly will most likely result in them going to other websites ran/owned by your competitors. Simply put, a fast loading website is going to lead to a positive user experience for your users – especially given today’s fast paced world and people’s busy lifestyles. 

If you don’t want your customers to leave your website before they have found what they came for, or completed the actions you want, be sure to choose fast web hosting. It is also important to note that Facebook also prioritises website loading speed when it comes to displaying posts on the news feed. 

Enhanced Conversion Rates 

A fast business website can result in more conversions – and with it, increased sales. When a website loads quickly, visitors are more likely to stay on for longer, according to studies. This means users can check out more pages on the site, view more products – if it is an online shop – and convert more. 

On the other hand, a slow loading website will not only have a negative impact on the user experience, but will also lead to lost conversions and sales. As such, it is important to make sure that your website is fast by choosing a fast web hosting service. 

What Factors Affect The Speed Of A Website?

A website’s loading speed, as experienced by the user, is affected by a number of factors. These include the user’s browser, the nature of the files on your site, the amount of code on the site and the speed of your webhost. 

In addition to choosing a fast web host for your business website, it is important to optimise your website with respect to the other factors that influence loading speeds. 

For starters, your website should be optimised to support faster loading times on Google Chrome, which is the most popular web browser. 

Additionally, when it comes to the types of files on your business website, you should definitely avoid any large files – large video or rich media files – that would result in slower load times. 

Lastly, your website’s code should be clean and efficient. This way, users can complete all sorts of actions on the site without overburdening the supporting infrastructure. 

Final Thoughts 

From the above, it is clear to see just how advantageous fast website hosting can be. A fast loading website can increase your entity’s online engagement, conversions and sales. Furthermore, a fast website can decrease your marketing expenditure by helping you achieve higher rankings on online search results organically. Overall, all these benefits can have a significant impact on the success of your Irish business. Simply put, there is no excuse for not choosing fast website hosting such as websitehostingireland.ie for your Irish business website.


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