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If you are on the lookout for a new charger that can do it all this is what you need in your travel bag right now and one thing is for sure it will be in mine, for those who have more than one device this is an ideal piece of kit to have at your disposal as not only does it charge phones, tablets, smartwatches and earbuds etc it can charge a laptop where your average home spare phone USB charger for example will not and only recently it happened to me when I forgot the mains charger for one of my laptops it would only trickle charge it more or less keeping it as is which is no means helpful.

This charger after testing is ideal but you do need the correct cables to get the maximum effect however even testing on smartphones it gave over double the speed you would get with your plug that you rarely see now and they have been on average 5-10w this is better and faster and it still maintains the power on all devices.

It is also useful for other charging gadgets you may have at home with having three ports the top two being USB-C you can charge certain smartwatches on the go the bottom port will of course work once your puc styled plug in is the right way around and again you will see what I mean in the video below.

Overall this is a must have for those who travel, those who have more than one device and those who want their devices charged in a hurry..

1. CES 2023 Innovation Award Winner
2. 20% smaller than Apple 140W charger
3. Foldable Plug&Compact design
4. Powered by 3rd Generation GaN Power IC
5. One charger for all your needs (Wide Compatibility)
6 Support PD 3.1 & QC 5.0 & PPS charging protocols
7. V-Dynamic HelixDuo Power distribution


Full features list

  • Multiple USB C Charger: VOLTME Revo 140 with three ports can support almost all fast charging technologies. With the multiple USB power adapter, it can charge 3 devices simultaneously, powered by 3rd generation GaN Power IC and the latest PD 3.1 & QC 5.0 & PPS charging protocols, it provides smaller size and higher power. It can also charge two laptops simultaneously at 65w or one laptop at 140w (28v 5a).
  • PPS charging protocol: 140W usb c mains charger with PPS standard, ensures that the power supply can dynamically adjust the output voltage and current according to the state of the smartphone. Regularly, every 10 minutes, all these parameters will change to adapt to the needs of the battery in order to optimise its charge. Basically, this technology guarantees efficient charging.
  • Ultimate charging with Fast Charge: Fast and efficient charging with this dual-port plug with USB-C and USB-A input. Charges MacBook Pro 16″ to 56% in 30 minutes. USB-C charger perfect for home, office and travel: 20% smaller than a standard 140W charger and with 3 ports to charge 3 devices simultaneously.
  • One charger for all: Charge your laptop, tablet, phone or smartwatch in one compact and powerful charger. It has built-in safeguards to protect devices from surges, overloads and short circuits. It also has CE, RoHS and FCC safety certifications, making it a very durable, reliable and totally safe charger.
  • GaN III technology and compact design: Equipped with a GaN III chip, this new version is even smaller, more efficient and dissipates heat better. It incorporates a gallium nitride (GaN) charging method, which has the advantages of greater energy efficiency and heat dissipation in much smaller chargers. There is also an LED that lights up when the charger is switched on.


Video Review

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