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The smartwatch is today for some seen as an expensive companion device which is true to one extent but over the years they have come down in price and more brands to sell them alongside their smartphones, For example I have my original Moto 360 which was my first smartwatch and now I have the Apple Watch Series 7, Pixel Watch A Galaxy watch 4 and several other cheaper brands that all cost less than 100 euro which this one does but this one has features none of those sub 100 euro watches have and even more expensive watches and two stand out features is a speaker to take calls and a voice assistant and also has GPS tracking.

OK so the thing here is this is a generic watch we have seen before and the software to go with it but it is kept simple and everyone wants something different and that is life, it may have some restrictions as to what you can do overall however for the price it a seriously decent watch to get you started of you do not own a smartwatch and do not want a convoluted mess of submenus or set-up this is one watch you should look at and in fact we have done several similar styled watches here before which you can find in the search option.

We go through the set-up the app and all that good stuff in the video review below so you will see what this entails in comparison to other watches out there today, most people today opt for fitness trackers and these are cheaper etc but do not offer the full suite expected on a fully fledged smartwatch and this watch is kind of offering both here which is a good thing.

The watch is a solid build with an IP67 rating and comes with two straps it is not a cheap plastic watch which is often the case at this price point too and stellar battery life it does lots of fitness activities has a huge selection of predefined watchfaces and measures the most important health features and is pretty accurate after comparing to other smartwatches I own.

Check out the video below for more and see how the speaker sounds the calls sound and how it works in general as it is a better view of what this offers for the price. For me it is a great watch to get started and overall a great watch to use and the only place it lacks is on replying on the watch itself but as for the rest it is fine, notifications come through they are a simple line of text and not detailed like more expensive watches but still gives you control at a glance whether or not you need to pick up your phone and one thing for me with smartwatches is they do keep you off your phone and today that is probably a good thing as we spend to much time on them.

The App 

Click to enlarge, app was tested on both Android and iOS and consistent with results and in comparison to other similar watches we have reviewed on statistics, check the video review for more.



  • Smartwatch makes calls: the smartwatch men’s calls with one click adopts BLE5.0 version, faster and more stable connection, the smart watch has a built-in microphone and a speaker, AI voice control and with high-quality ACC speakers, the sound is rich and delicate and the high definition sound quality can be used for answering calls or playing music. You can call your contacts with one click and read your messages easily
  • HD touchscreen fitness tracker: Diktoyou sports watches for men have a TFT colour screen with a circular diameter of 1.32 inches and an ultra HD resolution of 360 x 360, the image quality is more sensitive and clear and the touch becomes more accurate. Pedometer watch men and women are almost compatible with Samsung, iPhone, Huawei and other mobile phones, as long as the mobile phone system iOS 9.0/Android. 5.1 or is higher.
  • Personalised dials and 19 sports: men’s fitness watch includes more than 100 dials to choose from and can even be set as a dial with a custom photo. You can switch the corresponding dial according to different scenes, and the men’s watch is also equipped with two types of straps: silicone and leather. Men’s smart watch contains 19 popular sports: walking, running, mountaineering, cycling, basketball, badminton, football, elliptical trainer, etc. You can easily find your favourite sport
  • Heart rate and health monitoring: fitness watch can monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen saturation in real time to give you the best advice for your training. Automatically record sleep status, digitise your physical condition and adjust preparations directly. The men’s heart rate monitor also contains movement reminders and drinking water reminders to take care of your own health and that of your loved ones in real time
  • Quick charging and customer service: men’s smart watch quick charging takes only two hours to fully charge, equipped with a 300 mAh battery with large capacity, which can last 7-10 days with normal use and 20-30 days in standby mode. The new men’s smart watch is more functional: Bluetooth calls, voice control, 19 sports modes, music playback, breathing training and more. If there is a problem with your watch, please contact us as soon as possible and we will offer a solution within 12 hours.

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Video Review

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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