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Looking for a new lamp for the home or office well look no further than this latest product we have been checking out and it ticks all the boxes for me and will for many others with the features on board this lamp called the Yeslamp EVO which has LED lights and 6 axis points and not only that it has also got an external charging port which is really useful to charge things in front on you whilst not taking up any extra plug sockets in your home.

This is a typical lamp you might be familiar with but what wins for me is the ability to adjust it more than others we have tried here and how simple it is to set up and not only that you have an alarm clock the time and you have a hygrometer built in so you can get all these and the time right in front of your face all the time which makes it extra handy in more ways than one.

This simply claps on the side like most laps you would see and like what we have reviewed here before and there is no technical skills required to have this completely set up in less than 5 minutes.

Even more beneficial is eye protection here compared to other lights you may be familiar with which is important and becoming a talking point of late which is solved by using special LED beads designed with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) that is above 95, featuring a spectrum that is close to the natural daylight. This provides an eye-friendly source of light that helps you see, read, work, and create better with minimum eye effort—while it also restores the authentic color of any object you’re working with.


Yeslamp has been pursuing the core goal of healthy lighting since its inception, and we strive to make our LED lighting products emit light closer to the natural light of the day to better protect the health of our eyesight and that of our families. Yeslamp Evo is designed based on our years of research on the needs of users. It adopts the latest natural spectrum lighting technology. The light is very close to the natural light of the day, which can better protect the health of our eyesight and better restore the color of objects.

Overall for me this is an ideal lamp to use at home or in the office and for zoom and teams calls etc as it is more adjustable than other offerings out there and simple to use with extra features not seen and this is a one stop shop solution keeping your desk tidy too and having the light shine on exactly where you need it to.


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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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