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When it comes to having meetings be in the office or at home there is plenty of technology out there now to help make life easier and EMEET is a brand that is doing so with their products now on offer and one of their latest one certainly has plenty on offer here which is ideal for those who are working both at home or in office and so on and this caters for more than one person with 5 video modes and AI thrown into the mix too which is now something we see quite a bit in our gadgets today.

Crafted for Hybrid Collaboration

All-In-One conference room camera for teams features a 360° 1080P camera, 8-mic array, 10W/90dB Hi-Fi speaker, and exclusive AI-powered audio and video algorithm, providing 5 video modes to create immersive meeting experiences for multiple scenarios.

Optimized 360° Audio and Video Coverage

360-degree 1080P conference room camera spots every detail within a radius of 13ft (4m). 8 omni-directional beamforming microphones pick up every word within a radius of 18ft (5.5m) with high fidelity. 10W/90dB Hi-Fi speaker allows every participants to hear clearly. Everyone’s involved in an immersive collaborative experience.

Be seen and heard

A 360° conference camera sweeps all the details within a radius of 13ft (4m) in sharp HD 1080P, covering the whole conference room without any blind spot. 8 intelligent omni-directional microphones pick up voices from all angles within a radius of 18ft (5.5m), taking your voice quality to a higher level.

Today we take a quick first look and soon we will have a full review, any questions you know the drill..


  • Includes everyone: 360° panoramic 1080P HD camera, 8 mics and 90dB Hi-Fi speaker.
  • AI-powered autofocus: Intelligent multi-modal algorithm autofocuses on active talkers responsively.
  • 5 video modes: Swivel lens with 5 video modes on your command for various scenarios.
  • Optimized voice pickup: Exclusive VoiceIA® DSP algorithm features noise reduction, human voice enhancement and full duplex.
  • Plug and play: Launch meetings instantly without the need for cell phones or WI-FI.
  • Smart coverage: Extend coverage from 18ft to 36ft when daisy chained with our signature speakerphone M3.


Unboxing Video

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