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Under DataReportal, about 63% of people worldwide use the internet nowadays. And they frequently need to know various information about websites. E.g., it’s quite often necessary for users to know how to find out when a website was created. So, let’s learn more about this topic.

Site and Domain Name

Simply put, a website is a set of webpages with certain video, text, or graphic information. And domains are addresses of sites. So, users should enter a domain name in the appropriate line of a browser to access a particular online platform and view its webpages.

Thus, websites can’t exist without domains. Domain names should be fully unique. So, users cannot pick any domain for their sites. That’s because numerous online platforms on different topics already exist, and they have their own domain names. So, to launch a website, online clients should come up with a domain different from millions of existing ones.

On the other hand, the sites themselves may contain any content. Website holders can even publish the same article that some other online platform already has. Search engines may block sites with such content. But these platforms will still work if users enter their domain names directly in a browser.

Who Does Need to Know How to Find the Publication Date of a Website?

Usually, such information may be required, e.g., by:

  • students who study in programming faculties to protect qualifying works;
  • pupils to specify such information in their essays;
  • scientists to check the authority of online sources.

Moreover, website holders may need to know how to tell when a website was created to check an online project payback. This is especially true if site owners take expensive dedicated servers for rent.

How to See When a Website Was Created

Some developers publish such information in the ‘About Us’ section. Also, the specified data is occasionally noted in the bottom part of the necessary site homepage. Moreover, users can employ a specific online platform called ‘Internet Archive’ to find a particular website creation date. Here, online clients should only enter the site name to receive the necessary information. 

How to Find Out the Date of Domain Registration

Those wanting to know the answer to the question ‘When was a website created?’ also are frequently interested in the same information about domains. Numerous experts advise searching for such data on an online platform called ICANN Lookup. Here, users may see the creation date, current status, ID, and other information about domain names.

How to Find Out When a Webpage Was Published

There are several ways to get such information. But let’s see one of the plainest methods. It has the next algorithm:

  1. Type ‘site:’ and a certain webpage domain in a search bar. Let’s say it’s the homepage of ishosting.com. So, it would look like in the picture below.

2. Push ‘Enter’ on a PC keyboard.

3. Insert at the end of the received URL ‘&as_qdr=y15’. Press ‘Enter’ again.

4. Get a response to the point, ‘When was this website created?’

This method suits any webpage. And this algorithm is simple enough for anyone to employ it. Users can find more information on this theme in topical blogs (e.g., on the is*hosting official website).


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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