Digital thermostat

Digital thermostats are essential, so once you buy them, the next important step is installing them. Some think installing a digital thermostat is very difficult as the wiring and circuit Breakers may scare them. This process can be intimated for some people. Thus, we are here to provide a full guideline on installing a digital thermostat so let’s get started with it.

What exactly is a Digital Thermostat?

Digital thermostats can control the heating and cooling devices present in the home. It differs from the standard thermostat used earlier in many ways. So, let’s see how to install the new smart thermostat by replacing the old thermostat.

How to install the new Digital Thermostat

Once you purchase the thermostat, it’s important to install it nicely. So, before you start the installation process, ensure that the smart thermostat you purchased is compatible with the system. Some big brands selling thermostats, like the Tado, provide compatible tools, and an instruction manual is provided with it.

However, some people might find it difficult. So here are the procedures for installing the new Digital Thermostat. 


  • Turn Off the HVAC System


Before adding the new thermostat, the first thing to do is to turn off the HVAC system through the breaker panel. The HVAC system has multiple Breakers present in them. The benefit of removing the HVAC system is that it will turn off the thermostat, preventing any electrical shorting. Even after removing the HVAC, some older thermostats might not turn off. Therefore, checking if the digital thermostat’s power is off is better.


  • Remove the Faceplate

    To get yourself to the low Volt wiring system and the back plate, first, you need to remove all the thermostat’s faceplates. First, remove the faceplate with your hands as it gets popped out easily. If it does not get removed, try to remove it using a screwdriver, as there might be one to two screws in the faceplate. Even though it does not get removed, then call an electrician (

After removing the faceplate, please take a picture of the wiring or locate it and then mark it to remember the connections. Some digital thermostats even have stickers that can be used to label wires. After that, remove all the wires.


  • Remove the Backplate


The next step is to remove the Backplate to get into the thermostat’s wires. The back plate can be removed easily with the help of screwdrivers. The screws which are present on the wall are easy to remove. Every thermostat model has different wires and screws. So, the first thing to do is to remove the screws from the wires. 


  • Adding the c-wire

    Some thermostats have a c-wire, but some do not. But if you are installing and starting a thermostat, it’s important to have a c wire. If the thermostat does not have any c-wire, you might need to add another wire to give power to the thermostat. The main purpose of adding the c-wire is to provide power to the digital thermostat. Some big brands like Tado add an adapter to add the c-wire. If you are facing any trouble installing the wire, you can call the HVAC technician or an electrician. Before placing the new black plate on the thermostat, mark the wall with the help of a pencil. Now, with the help of a driller, make holes in the points you have marked. If required, install anchors in the wall. Before screwing, remove the wires from the back plate.


  • Reconnect the new wires


After connecting the Backplate, the next thing to do is to connect the new thermostat wires to the terminal. Take the help of the pictures that you have taken for the wiring. Although for installing the digital thermostat, there is only a c-wire needed. Rest all it works by connecting to the WIFI. 


  • Install a New Faceplate


Once the wiring is turned, the next thing to do is add the new face plate. If the faceplate does not attach to the wall easily, tuck the wires so the new faceplate can be attached easily. After attaching the faceplate, the next thing to do is turn on the HVAC system.


  • Connect the new thermostat with WIFI


After turning on the new digital thermostat, the next thing to do is to program it. But before programming, it is required to connect with the WIFI and then set up the details and the setting using the smartphone application from the thermostat.

So now that you have installed the new thermostat, it’s time to use it wisely to save money.

Summing Up

It is important to know the proper installation of the new thermostat. Installing the new Digital Thermostat is quite easy. You can follow the instructions given above or take the electrician’s help.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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