Microtasking is gaining traction all over the world. Knowing that it is a great source of extra income, more and more people tend to join various websites and services that provide them income for doing small tasks. One of the newcomers in this field, JumpTask, provides numerous short tasks and rewards users with crypto for completing them. Could it be the next big thing in the microtasking market?

What is JumpTask?

According to their website, JumpTask provides a way for companies to make the most of a globally distributed workforce by providing micro task solutions. That is, companies need to complete certain big tasks, whereas JumpTask spreads those huge tasks into a bunch of small ones and lets the users complete them for rewards.

At first sight, it does not offer anything too different from other websites in the ever-growing microtasking market. However, the interesting thing about JumpTask is that the rewards the users receive for completing tasks are provided using a cryptocurrency called JumpToken (JMPT) instead of, say, points or fiat currencies.

This cryptocurrency was created by the JumpTask team, and it has been there since the launch of JumpTask as a platform. The use of it for paying users makes JumpTask stand out compared to other similar services.

Considering that the payments are made using a cryptocurrency, needless to say, you need a crypto wallet in order to use JumpTask fully. Though it should not scare you if you are not familiar with how crypto works, as certain login options on JumpTask allow you to log in using your social media accounts, and the wallet is created for you automatically when you do so.

Earning on JumpTask

Similar to other websites that offer users rewards for completing small tasks, JumpTask has various different task types available, creating a wide array of choices for the user.

The task types are spread into different categories: offers, games, surveys, staking, and Honeygain. The offers category gives you a list of various microtasks to do. A lot of them involve downloading a certain app, registering for a certain website, or doing some sort of quiz. You can sort these offers out by the reward they give out, making your search easier. Needless to say, more difficult offers that require more effort are worth way more. After all, installing an application takes more time and effort than completing a simple quiz.

The games category is somewhat similar to a lot of offers available in the offers category. Here, all the tasks involve games. The most common instruction to get rewarded is to install a game and reach a certain level in the said game. The surveys category is about as self-explanatory as it can be. As it is a true staple of microtasking platforms, no wonder it is available on JumpTask too.

The remaining two earning options/task types are, surprisingly, based on passive income. The Honeygain option lets you earn JMPT for sharing your internet bandwidth. You would need to install a separate application in order to do so, but it would bring you income completely passively.

The other option is staking. There you would put some of your JMPT into so-called staking pools, and as time goes by, your JMPT would start growing. It uses the same principle as any other cryptocurrency (that can be staked) uses. You get rewarded for locking in your crypto, sort of like gaining interest payments on the money you keep in your bank.

Safe entry to crypto

Considering that JumpTask is completely free to use and it pays you in crypto for completing tasks, it can be considered a great entry point for those not familiar with the crypto world.

Using cryptocurrencies pretty much always involves purchasing some cryptocurrency, in other words, spending money. As the prices of crypto are very volatile, this could potentially mean big losses. This is true for both newcomers to the crypto world as well as veterans. You may never know how it will go.

Now, as JumpTask gives you free crypto for completing simple tasks, this eliminates the notion of investment. You do not have to spend money in order to get JMPT, yet you can use it as you will. You can trade it on PancakeSwap, you can sell it, you can buy some more – it is all up to you.

However, the key point remains – with JumpTask, you can safely try out cryptocurrency trading and check if it is for you or not. With no investment, you would not have any losses.

All in all, JumpTask brings some fresh winds into the microtasking market. Having a unique approach of paying out in crypto as well as providing passive income options makes it a versatile way to make some extra money. Also, as you gain crypto for completing tasks, it makes JumpTask a great entry into the crypto world as a whole.




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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