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Ireland is searching the most for Halloween on Google this October worldwide which may be no surprise given Ireland is the birthplace of Halloween, so Google wanted to share Google trends and data on what exactly Ireland has been searching for when it comes to Halloween 2022.

For starters, what are the kids up to these days? Watching Blippi it seems! Overall, the most searched costume for Halloween 2022 in Ireland is Blippi. If you don’t know Blippi, he is known for his blue and orange outfit and educational videos for young children.  He’s a phenomenon, who knew?
Other popular children’s costumes searches this year are heavily influenced by TV and film including Pennywise, Ghostbusters, Batgirl, Hocus Pocus, Jack Skellington, Belle, Sonic and Freddy Krueger…the kids are not holding back!

TV and Film has had an influence on adult costumes too with the release of the Hocus Pocus sequel perhaps having something to do with Sarah Sanderson being the third most popular costume search and Winifred Sanderson not too far behind. Netflix continues to be a source of inspiration with searches for Cobra Kai costumes and of course, crowd favourite, Stranger Things making an appearance across top costume searches, couples costumes and DIY costumes.

The nation’s love for baking is alive and well with breakout searches this month including “Halloween Cake” and “Halloween Cupcakes” ,it looks  like Halloween Parties are well and truly back and will be fueled by home-made delicacies! For those opting for a Halloween night of scary movies instead of parties, the trending Halloween movies in Ireland this month include Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey slasher film,  Smile, Sleepy Hollow, and the classic Friday the 13th.

And, of course, it’s nice to see that we haven’t forgotten our heritage as searches for oiche shamhna poem have spiked over 250% over the past 7 days. Surely everyone knows that Halloween first started in Ireland, right?

Top Halloween Trends


Ireland is searching the most for Halloween this October, worldwide

Trending costumes, October 2022, Ireland

  1. Blippi

  2. Goddess

  3. Sarah Sanderson

  4. Huggy Wuggy

  5. Cobra Kai

  6. Winifred Sanderson

  7. Scoops Ahoy

  8. Police officer

  9. Shaggy

  10. Rainbow friends

Trending couple costumes, October 2022, Ireland

  1. Princess Peach and Daisy

  2. Angel and Devil

  3. Pineapple and Palm tree

  4. Danny and Sandy

  5. Squints and Wendy Peffercorn

  6. Rick and Morty

  7. Robin and Steve (Stranger Things)

  8. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

  9. Step Brothers

  10. Captain Hook and Tinkerbell

Trending kids costumes, October 2022, Ireland

  1. Robot

  2. Pennywise

  3. Ghostbusters

  4. Batgirl

  5. Dog

  6. Hocus Pocus

  7. Jack Skellington

  8. Belle

  9. Sonic

  10. Freddy Krueger

Trending DIY costumes, October

  1. Dog

  2. Astronaut

  3. Wonder Woman

  4. Gru

  5. Tom and Jerry

  6. Ginny Weasley

  7. Ghost

  8. Vampire

  9. Little Red Riding Hood

  10. Eleven (Stranger Things)

Most searched makeup-looks, October 2022, Ireland

  1. Demon

  2. La dia de los muertos

  3. Harley Quinn

  4. Ghost

  5. Zombie

  6. Creepy Doll

  7. Red Riding Hood

  8. Emo

  9. Morticia Addams

  10. Minnie Mouse

Trending Horror/Halloween movies, October 2022, Ireland

  1. Winnie the Pooh

  2. Smile

  3. Sleepy Hollow

  4. Choose or Die

  5. Friday the 13th

  6. Cloverfield

  7. Seed of Chucky

  8. Carrie

  9. Corpse bride

  10. The Sixth Sense

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