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Google have launched their first official watch which is of course smart and the same applies to the watch as did the phone and any tech we do not do leaks for clicks we wait for the product to be in our hands for assessment and the day has come us to check it out.

I have many smartwatches here as our readers know and a fan for several reasons, it keeps you off your phone more you can do things from the watch if required to do so and get on without the need to take your phone out of your pocket and this was a conversation I had with Nokia mobile here in Dublin last week with some of their feature phones and the same applies to a watch whereby it is less distracting and you can chose to ignore or reply to emails and social etc which is also good for the mental health I think..

Now with this offering from Google it appears to be a fitness orientated watch on top of being smart at the same time and as we know they bought fitbit and fitbit did not cut it offering more for the user but was heavy on the fitness end of things and was more a product for people into fitness but with not much other functionality which I understand, different strokes for different folks and all that but this has changed somewhat.

Again there has been commentary on this watch which I chose to ignore and make my own assessments and so far it has been more so on the bad side, again form folks who typically pick on Google and do not have the product in hand and snuff the idea of its existence which is fine don’t get me wrong but it is down to the hands on experience after all and what the product does isn’t it?

Check the video below for more and if you have any questions drop em in the comments


Unboxing video

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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