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The Hybrid conference phone came in a neutral packing in terms of limited information on the packing but has the impressive Climate neutral products symbol on the packing.  This kit came with the Konftel 800 Ceiling Mount Kit allowing the kit flexibility in placements The kit is designed for Small to Large rooms while having the options for larger spaces or multipurpose rooms to be able to connect additional devices using the daisy-chain to increase audio capabilities. The 4.3-inch graphical LCD touchscreen display allowed for easy configurations and visual displays when the volume or mute options were used via colour changes on the kit. The kit has an additional, two mute key buttons located along the corners of the unit to allow any user to go on mute.

Previously at techbuzz Ireland, we reviewed The Konftel C2070 conferencing system, which came with a speakerphone, camera, and hub their Konftel Cam10 Ego bluetooth speakerphone and also the Cam10 webcam


  •   Connectivity: USB and Bluetooth
  •   Suitable for up to 12 participants, can be expanded to 20 with expansion mics (sold separately)
  •   Supports the Konftel Unite App via Adaptor
  •   SIP Verified – ShoreTel, Swyx, Avaya, Broadsoft, Cisco, Unify
  •   Hybrid: Collaboration App and Phone call
  •   Microphone: Omnidirectional 360
  •   OmniSound with HD Audio
  •   Supports HD Audio on mobile network
  •   NFC Technology
  •   Power through PoE (Power Over Ethernet)
  •   Web-based configuration


Konftel 800 conference ceiling and mount kit for conference calls - techbuzzireland
Konftel 800 conference ceiling and mount kit for conference calls – techbuzzireland

Setup and use:

The Kit came with a quick user guide in terms of the setting up with outstanding diagrams to give a clear view of how to install it. The basic installation required minimal technical experience. Those of an advanced nature can refer to the web version “Installing and Administering Konftel 800” which contains  200 pages for diverse types of network installations configurations,  

The conference phone can also use Bluetooth to connect to a mobile device, or a laptop as it supports Hands-Free and A2DP Bluetooth profiles. Konftel 800 uses 10/100 Mbit Ethernet and supports PoE Class 1 and Class 2 power.

Note: This kit is a Power Over Ethernet (PoE) enabled device and would require purchasing as an optional accessory if needed which Jim has a good deal of knowledge with NTP time servers when it comes to clock systems which also uses PoE in certain configurations

App:   Konftel Unite

This allows connection via your phone for One Touch Conferencing, calling from your contact list, create your conference groups. Techbuzz tested on an android device which was a standard install.

App Store


Google Play


Warranty: 2 years


The kit came in a Climate neutral packing which is always a bonus. The design while having many awards has a few personal niggles in terms of several types of screws provided for the Ceiling Mount Kit and the network cable does not have a tray to hide the cable if placed on a boardroom table as you would see on a typical phone system.

The physical connection to the network is straightforward but may require looking towards a PoE injector for power. The Ceiling Mount Kit mechanically connects easily and can easily be removed as required. Connectivity via the app or via a laptop was standard without any issues,

As a real positive the ability to connect via a smartphone easily and quickly, is great especially if the kit is being mounted, the colour changes for the mute etc are great.  The Audio quality cannot be faulted as the test carries out walking close and further back gave exceptional audio quality.

The audio quality is a result of the three microphones in the base of Konftel 800, which support 10 users in a 30 square meters room.  The audio was excellent at blocking out noise from outside of the room testing via the Smart Microphone which had built-in cancellation of echo and background noise through OmniSound.

The additional socket via daisy chain allowed for the addition of microphones to increase the conference phone coverage to seventy square meters or daisy chain three Konftel 800 devices to cover up to 90 square meters.

The kit has a few minor niggles but is a real gem in terms environmentally friendly, easy to set up and use with the options of seriously advanced features, Voip / traditional with the option to expand the impressive audio experience for any call.


Video review


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