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Nokia has today announced the launch of a marketplace for broadband network automation applications. Seven apps are available at launch, organized under the categories of Network Support, Network Insights and Network Automation. New apps and marketplace features will follow in 2023.

The ‘Altiplano Application Marketplace’ is named after Nokia’s pioneering broadband network controller suite and will include Nokia and third party apps. Alongside the marketplace launch, Nokia is making available an ‘Altiplano Developer Portal’ which provides a software development kit (SDK) and virtual lab environment for developers to build and test apps.

Operators can self-develop and organize their own applications within the marketplace. They can also use the developer portal to customize their network operations tools, personalizing the user interface, customizing APIs, adding service profiles, and building their own network policies and automation workflows.

Geert Heyninck, Nokia’s VP Broadband Networks, said: “No two networks, and likewise no two automation solutions are alike. By opening up the Altiplano platform for developers, partners and customers to create and add applications, we’re pleased to offer exactly the flexibility they need.”

The marketplace will enable users to choose the automation tools from a digital storefront with ready-made applications. Apps will be curated by Nokia under three pillars. Network Support apps will be used by operators to maintain, troubleshoot and protect fixed networks through proactive monitoring, performance analysis and incident management. Network Insights apps will improve quality and service assurance with actionable insights that help operators to better optimize, plan and prevent. Network Automation apps will help automate and optimize the network, provide service and subscriber operations to increase operational efficiency and improve customer experience. All apps currently launched are from Nokia; third party apps will be added in 2023.

Fatima AlDagharDirector Fixed Access Planningdusaid: “We’re committing heavily in SDN to enhance performance, get insights, and improve services. All managed under a single platform in a multi-vendor environment. Nokia’s open App marketplace – the first of its kind – delivers sophisticated apps that address the requirements of marketing, planning, operations, and assures customer satisfaction.”

Alberto PatronCEO of Condor Technologies, Argentinasaid: “Nokia has a strong reputation in SDN. We welcome this new, open marketplace which gives us an important platform to get our apps in front of global operators.”


Altiplano Marketplace Website: link (includes link to Development Portal)

Launch apps:


  • Network support
    • Automated Troubleshooting Assistant: Create alarm rules and execute corrective actions for resolving network problems
    • SFP Health Monitor: Proactively detect SFP issues, degradation and outliers in optical performance
    • ONT Health Monitor: ONT proactive monitoring and automatic analysis of key performance indicators
  • Network insights
    • Network Trend Analyzer: Anomaly prediction framework using time series analysis to predict network behavior
    • Network Capacity Manager: Monitor PON capacity, utilization and bandwidth bottlenecks on uplink and subscriber
  • Network Automation
    • ONT Easy Start: Automate the ONT activation process to enable first-time-right and user self-install
    • Bandwidth Sharing Optimizer: Dynamic PON bandwidth management for fair peak rate availability to all subscribers

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