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Companies in the US are becoming more alert about increasing the headcount in their firm. It is due to the illusion of recession taking shape. Yet as the work is still required to get completed, over 75 % of businesses in the US are interested in hiring freelancers during this economic uncertainty. As per a recent survey, almost one-third of freelancers prefer to be paid in crypto. Some want their entire salary package, and some a part of their package. If you are into Bitcoin, here are the Ways to reduce the risk

Get all ideas about the current situation.

It’s devastating how vulnerable these individuals are to being conned out of their money because they are unaware of the risks associated with not validating the payer’s wallet.

Therefore, if you are looking for freelance work in international businesses, you might also get paid in cryptocurrencies, but you would also have to deal with the risks.

The massive growth of “dirty” crypto creates a dilemma for freelancers, despite cryptocurrencies being fast and hassle-free international payments that, among other benefits, do not require you to worry about currency exchange rates.

Approximately 40% of BTC transactions are illegal. Demchuk stated, “Receiving dirty cryptocurrency can put you in danger and result in the ban of your account if you are a freelancer.”

Therefore, to safeguard your fund, you must manage crypto risks and deal with fluctuations in the value of cryptocurrencies on trading platforms.

“Anyone can, without even realizing it, get illegal funds, like drug money, into their account. Until their accounts get frozen or banned without an explanation, everything appears to be going well at first. Therefore, even if you have complete faith in the person paying you, they might unintentionally put you in danger. Using a dedicated service to validate each wallet or transaction is the only way to protect yourself, which is basic crypto hygiene.

How will taxation work?

The taxation rules are the same, as there is no clear status for cryptocurrencies in India. So, for tax purposes, will a person’s cryptocurrency work be considered income or investment if paid for it? How will it be taxed, too?

Depending on the nation, cryptocurrency-related tax laws may differ. For instance, Demchuk stated, “Taxpayers in the United States are required to report all crypto sales, conversions, payments, and income to both the IRS and state tax authorities.” But , the implications of tax on every action vary.

Taxable income includes earning rewards from mining cryptocurrency, receiving payment in cryptocurrency, and exchanging goods or services for crypto. These are subject to federal and state taxes because they are regarded as “earned” income. As a result, when you receive the cryptocurrency, you must record its value in US dollars and include it in your gross income on your tax return.

Demchuk said that selling cryptos for cash, converting a crypto to another, and spending crypto on goods or services are all capital gains. He said it about the regulations of the tax system of the US. They are taxed at zero percent, fifteen percent, or twenty percent, depending on your tax bracket.

He said that yet, there are also non-taxable events. These are buying cryptocurrency with cash and holding it. Also, donating crypto to a charity or non-profit. Apart from these, receiving or making a gift. It is also moving your cryptocurrency from one wallet or account to another that you own.

Many nations have similar regulations, but a few do not tax crypto profits or only a part of them. Demchuk continued that these include, for example, Singapore, Switzerland, and Germany. Here capital gains tax is not imposed on assets held for more than a year.”


In India, the RBI is not ready to give cryptocurrency any recognition. So any payment you get in crypto would not get treated as income. Yet you need to pay tax when you redeem the currency to convert it into a rupee for all expenses. Then a question may get raised on the sources of your crypto. The instances of payments for freelancing in crypto will increase. Then the government will never allow it to go untaxed. They may bring a few regulations for taxing the income too. 


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