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Avichal Garg, CEO and co-founder of Electric Capital, says he is “an NFT maximalist.” Garg thinks that nonfungible tokens (NFTs) will be a big part of how people use cryptocurrency in the future. NFTs are different from other types of cryptocurrency because they can be understood through art, music, and games. Start your trading career at BitProfit

“Since everything comes down to culture in the end, I might think NFTs are billions of people.”

Garg says that the bear market could last as long as high inflation is the most important thing in the big picture. This means that the next market bull cycle might not happen for another year or two. Even so, he is very optimistic about the cryptocurrency business ten years from now when he looks beyond the current state of the economy.

Interest rates and inflation are the most important things to consider for the next two to three years. Verified Market Research just came out with a study that says the market for nonfungible tokens (NFTs) will be worth an incredible $231 billion by 2030. (VMR). This hopeful guess was made in the report.

Global research and the consulting group said in a 202-page report about how fast the industry is growing that the global market for NFTs will be worth $11.3 billion by 2021. VMR predicted that the industry would grow at a rate of 33.7% per year for the next eight years.

NFTs are used in many businesses and parts of life, such as music, movies, and sports. One of the main reasons people want to buy NFTs is this. The paper discusses many essential topics and ways to use NFTs that have helped sales go up.

It also says that the gaming industry is a big reason people are starting to use blockchain technology. Enjin was also one of the first companies to make a form of digital currency (ENJ). So that players could sell their in-game assets, the ecosystem turned them into tokens that could not be changed (NFTs).

There were also games that let you “play to earn” on the NFT market. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people in the Philippines could use AXS to make money differently. A lot of mystery has surrounded this pandemic, and regulators have had to pay attention. Games that let you play to make money also used the NFT market.

People still don’t know what NFT products can do in the sports world. For example, the VMR report said that Dapper Labs and the UFC make collectables together. UFC Strike is a game that is like NBA Top Shots, which is a very popular game. Non-fictional tokens (NFTs) will be used to digitise and make money from the UFC’s history.

As blockchain-based platforms meet traditional IT solutions, the business world has seen NFT marketplace OpenSea combine the Adobe service to add several new features to its products and services.

A growth consulting company called SkyQuest Technology did a study on NFTs in May 2022. There were the same conclusions as in the VMR report. The company thought the market would be worth $15.7 billion in 2021 and that the industry would grow by 34% from 2022 to 2028.

CoinDesk came up with a clever way to explain what cryptocurrencies and NFTs have in common. Cryptocurrencies are like the father in this comparison, and NFTs are like children. Even though it’s not true, it helps make sense of a complicated financial link.

When the NFT market started, it filled a need that wasn’t being met very well, and the cryptocurrency market set the prices. The NFTs grew bigger and stronger as they got older, and they wanted to be free.


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