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With the dark nights and mornings approaching fast security of your home should be once again looked at and yes I say it every year but many do not listen and one way to have some peace of of mind and some security is to have a video doorbell, not only is this useful when at home but also away from home.

For me who has used video doorbells for years now likes to see how things are changing with them and one thing for sure is the storage element which will cost you money but you can avail of a freemium model with most now using local storage via an SD card and so on but limited playback options and this will depend on who you are with and another one I have recently reviewed has a freemium model but you can only go back three hours on your videos as an example of how much they have cut the freebie element.

Setting up this doorbell was easy like most and it will be easy for most although on the box it says get a professional which is a but much as most will opt to use this without connecting to an existing mechanical bell as that is the idea of these in the first place is to be used wirelessly but they all still come with the bits and bobs to connect to your existing doorbell which is fine.

EZVIZ doorbell features
EZVIZ doorbell features

The EZVIZ app is where it all happens here and we go through this in the video review below of what you can expect and you will need the app to get going and follow the simple instructions to get the devices working you also get a portable hub and chime which can be plugged into anywhere in the home but it is best kept near the bell for a better signal and having tested this out here if you have a plug near your hall door use it, the same applies to other cameras and so on that I have tested the further away they are the more issues can arise and this also depends on the house build and materials used.

The app is very good and the picture and video is very clear here on this and this applies at night too which is excellent the voice is also good at both ends as you will see in the video when you get a call to your device for example when the doorbell rings.

The thing with this doorbell is the visual aspect and what you can see from your device which is 176-degrees and pretty much can be used as a security camera too, you have options to set up all these things in the app and a PIR and sensitivity levels so you will not miss a beat there is even a loitering setting in the app which is good and a case for many these days with teenagers hanging around or acting the maggot. Battery life is said to be up to 4 months but that depends on how you set this up and the traffic it sees like any other doorbell and we do not have it that long to answer those claims but will come back on that one.

ezviz doorbell battery life

As for the UI in the app it is pretty simple and clean and not hard to navigate but do go through all the settings for maximum performance we go through the app in the video review with realtime life sample videos so you get an idea of what to expect and it is pretty good clear video and voice both ends and will be perfectly adequate for any home, there is lots of ads locally on Facebook and more here in Ireland with people trying to sell home security systems and video doorbells that are utter rubbish and overpriced and product names not well know or know at all unlike this brand is.


  • Clearly 2K Video Security Kit – No more frustration with pixelated or blurry videos. The DB2 records everything happening at your doorstep in 2K resolution. It also provides 5-meter infrared night vision for 24/7 peace-of-mind. 
  • Pair with Chime – To make sure you hear the ring even from afar, EZVIZ pairs it with an indoor chime. What’s better, the chime can help extend your Wi-Fi signal, and boost the network for the doorbell to ensure it get connected stably – which many wireless doorbells may struggle with. Please put the chime into a power outlet (within 5 meters from the doorbell).
  • Wide Field of View – With a 176-degree viewing angle, you can easily see the postman from head to toe and know where he places your package. The doorbell also comes with several different mounting plates in the package, which can help adjust the angle of installation to optimize the doorbell’s vision.
  • PIR Human Motion Detection – With both human-shape and PIR detection capabilities, the device is smart enough to distinguish people from pets or objects. You can customize the alert trigger conditions to adjust its sensibility. Answer before you get the door for friends or deliveries! Using the EZVIZ App, you can talk and react with only a simple tap.
  • Two Storage Options: You can insert a microSD card (up to 256GB) into chime to save your recordings locally, without worrying about any data loss even if the doorbell is damaged or lost. You can also subscribe to EZVIZ CloudPlay for unlimited storage space and an additional layer of data protection. By clicking the promotion, you can get a 16GB Micro SD Card for free.


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