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Audacity, the world’s leading open source audio editor and recorder, today announces the release of Audacity 3.2 that features real-time effects support, non-destructive editing, VST3 support and plugins, and UX & UI improvements. Supported by parent-brand Muse Group, Audacity 3.2 will seamlessly integrate with, the Group’s new audio sharing platform, offering quick sharing and cloud storage for Audacity users and creators around the world. The changes in Audacity 3.2 combined with make the software a more powerful audio production platform.

“Audacity 3.2 represents an important step towards making the open source software a fully-fledged DAW, and the only tool of this calibre available for free and accessible to all,” said Martin Keary, Product Owner at Audacity. “With a new set of features for enhanced performance, Audacity 3.2 is faster and more intuitive, now offering a robust solution for multi-track recording and sophisticated editing and podcast productions”.


Launching alongside Audacity 3.2, offers an easy way for users to quickly export and publish their creations with a click of a button. Now, creators can benefit from an end-to-end tool that enables them to create and share their work, completing their creative process.

“ empowers creators to build their own portfolio of original audio,” said Lukas Lyrestam, Head of Product at “Creators all over the world can store and share their sounds privately or publicly by either exporting it from Audacity or directly uploading it on”.

Audacity 3.2 features include:

  • Real-time effects: Effects to the waveform can now be adjusted in real-time allowing for more precise editing. The introduction of real-time effects allows users to easily add and remove effects anywhere in the chain, adjust timings, and change the order, all whilst listening to their audio. Now, users can change and edit effects at any stage of a project, making Audacity an easy-to-use multi-track editor and recorder.
  • Non-destructive editing: Designed for more flexibility, non-destructive editing allows users to arrange and tweak clips without impacting their entire sequence. Easily shuffle sounds around and delete, trim and retrieve clips without changes being permanently written into the audio file. Together with real-time and stackable effects, Audacity 3.2 makes it easier to manage multiple tracks and adapt to the user’s workflow.
  • VST3 support: VST3 effects plugins are now supported on Audacity 3.2, providing access to a host of new effects and features. VST3 marks an important milestone in audio technology offering a more streamlined and reliable experience for users.
  • Intuitive improvements to the interface (UX/UI): An improved interface makes editing and recording clips easier and more intuitive. Featuring a sleeker and more consistent set of visuals, users can enjoy a smoother editing experience and increased performance.
  • Cloud storage with audio.comUsers can now directly export files to and choose to store their work privately or publicly on the cloud. Simply by selecting the ‘share audio’ option in Audacity, creators can set up a free account where they can save their projects for anyone with the link to listen, comment and download.

Audacity 3.2 is available for download at

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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