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When it comes to iPhone there is more accessories than meets the eye and no shortage of them no matter the size shape or form there is plenty to pick from these days more so than Android devices it seems to be too. There is no doubt that we love our accessories and some more than others but some are more useful than others and can be handy tools for your home/office or even creators and this gadget from STM Goods kinda covers all that in a neat little package too and fits in your pocket or travel bag and will certainly be a useful tool to have for your iPhone.

The MagPod is a great idea and can be used in several ways and what’s more it is not one of those that have a fixed position like many similar products out there and has a nice rotating top that can be fixed in any position. This in effect can be used for a selfie tool or a simple holder to have your device at hand beside your workstation to keep an eye on other things going on like social media and emails etc.

MagPod keeps your phone above the mess, and just where you want it. Ever gone to put your phone down but didn’t want it getting wet, dirty, or lost in the clutter, or wished you had a better angle to view it from? MagPod to the rescue. A brilliantly engineered and beautifully designed stand for your MagSafe iPhone. The MagPod provides a convenient place for your phone to land, whether on your desk, in your kitchen, on your bathroom counter, or nestled on your nightstand.

What I like about this is its size and how it stows away which is handy and how it is constructed with a tripod on the bottom that simply opens and closes with no hassle and it is also robust too with a nice finish to it too. You can have it at multiple angles so it is easy for anyone to use and anyone to set up to get that desired final position that suits you best. With the 90 degree ball and socket joint it is a breeze to maneuver. Check the video below for more and see how useful this guy is for you at home or in the office and keeping your phone out of the way on your table and more.








By Jim O Brien/CEO

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