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It is iPhone season and with the new iPhone 14 just here Benks have launched a cool new next generation product to charge your device in a new way with new technology on board and only that this new device can be used as a stand for your iPhone too which makes it quite handy offering to solutions in one and is compatible with all iPhones that have MagSafe built in.

InvisiBoost Wireless Charger that charges iPhone 40% faster than Apple MagSafe charger. The trick lies in the Freezemat, a self-replenishing hydrogel that absorbs water from the air and carries out the heat through evaporation.
Data sets for charging
This is just the beginning! A Freezemat ecosystem is on the way and it will be applied on phone case, MacBook, Switch, VR wearables and more.
Having tested this out for a few days it does charge the iPhone faster from my testing and is a simple product to use that is executed rather well and looks cool.. There is multiple products out there today on the market to charge your iPhone which we have tested here but this one just works well looks well no overheating noted and serves as a stand.

Freezemat is a bionic smart polymer material – a temperature sensitive hydrogel. The material can mimic the thermoregulation mechanism of living organisms, and take away heat through evaporation. By evaporating away the heat, it actively replenishes the moisture in the air and circulates heat dissipation.

The test is conducted with iPhone 13 Pro.

Using Apple’s official certified module makes charging more reliable and efficient. Using the new heat dissipation material Freezemat, it effectively reduces the heat generated by the charger during the wireless charging process, and promises your phone a more stabilized performance when in intensive use. In the long term, this helps preserve the phone battery health.

Besides, InvisiBoost’s wireless charging is up to 30%* faster than the charging efficiency of a typical wireless charger for the first hour.

Features of the InvisiBoost Wireless charger include
A. It charges up to 40% faster than Apple charger. With improved charging efficiency, it helps preserve the phone battery health.
B. World’s First Heat Cooling Hydrogel. With innovative material, Freezemat, a breakthrough temperature-sensitive hydrogel that can circulate heat dissipation for a cooler and faster charging. The hydrogel harvests water molecules in the air to stay replenished and evaporate the heat away within the charger.
Benks Invisiboost for iPhones with MagSafe - techbuzzireland
Benks Invisiboost for iPhones with MagSafe – techbuzzireland

C. In the process of applying for Made for MagSafe, the certification should be ready in September.
D. Meet the sustainable consumerism as the Freezemat is self-replenishing without energy consumption. We care for the planet.
E. The kickstand can be useful when placing your phone on the desktop
F. We will combine this innovative material with battery pack, GaN charger or more in the Benks future lineups to help with
better smart devices heat dissipation.

Launches September 7th on Indiegogo – For more see –  HERE


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