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Next up in the JBL product reviews is one their latest earbuds the Reflect Aero TWS which have been with us some time now and taken on hols as part of my review pack which contained plenty of tech, so much for taking a break aye.. However it is what I do and love it and love having that opportunity to do so and with a pack full of JBL good which was not planned it was a time to test out what the company has to offer and see how they have progressed and they certainly have done so.

These were unboxed so you can see that here and now we will go on to talk about them and how I found them during my break away, these are a pair of earbuds for those who enjoy music and calls on the go as for me I like to enjoy my music at home and away but of course has to take many calls too so they suited me fine and got the job done.

These have a wing build in for better fit though some with smaller ears may find it a bit challenging especially if you are not use to wearing such earbuds, they are also great for training it must be added which I kept some of that up in my break too and worked well and never fell out. You again have the option to use the Check my best fit in the app which you should do anyway.

There is plenty of mics on board here to 6 in total, 6 mics with voice aware for calls and True adaptive noise cancelling with 4 mics and all in all calls have been excellent and being splash and dustproof  (IP68) which for me on the beach was a gift they fit the bill for a complete package on holidays and I would suggest these to those who travel and want the most protection and features in one pair of earbuds.

The controls are easy to use to with a nice large touch sensitive area to perform your command which makes it easier than most, we of course go through all those features in the app and show you what to expect in the video review below and overall again a great app here to give you the full control of the earbuds rather than have a stock experience and this is prevalent in many if not all of the new JBL range now with some differences with the app vs the product but you will get to see all those soon. You do have ANC ambient and talk through present here which having that trio of options makes them a really viable pair of earbuds to have at your disposal and all of which can be controlled.

Overall the sound here was a bit brighter than other JBL earbuds but good in general and highs lows and mids were fine nice bass no muffled sound on maxed out volume and for all genres good and with the app you again as mentioned can control what suits your needs as everyone’s ears differ.

Battery life is also good here with them having fast charge on board which means a 15 min charge gives you a whopping 4 hours of use which is great you will get 7 + 14 with ANC and 8 + 16 with adaptive so there is plenty in the tank to start your day. You also get fast pair and Google Assistant which in JBLs latest line up allows you to have text and emails read out to you which is really cool.

Overall a great pair of earbuds that offer something for those who want that bit more than an average pair of earbuds and covers everything for calls music protection and more.


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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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