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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that revolutionized the way we used to deal with digital transactions. However, there has been a considerable change in the mindset and perception regarding cryptocurrencies, but price fluctuation in this one aspect is constantly driving the attention of its opponents. 

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a multitude of benefits like ease of transaction, hassle-free execution of transactions between two parties, decentralization, and others. However, price fluctuation is one aspect that is deeply impacting its growth. 

However, it’s important to evaluate the analytical phase of the frequent market price change of Bitcoins. It’s not just with the cryptocurrencies, but even the stock and share market undergoes price electrician; however, when we compare the dynamism level, the frequency of fluctuation is higher in the crypto ecosystem as compared to the stock in the trade market.


Bitcoin Basics: Answers To Common Questions 

1. Does Bitcoin have a limited supply?

The cycle of demand and supply impacts the pricing. In the case of bitcoin, there is an upper limit to the number of cryptocurrencies in the market. Of the 21 million bitcoins, 19 million bitcoins have already in mind, and the pending would be mine in the years to come. This limited supply makes the price fluctuate. 

2. How does investment holdings impact the value of Bitcoin?

As per the National Bureau of Economic Research greater share of bitcoin is presently held by only a limited number of people. In 2020, 1/3rd of Bitcoin was held by 10,000 investors. Annum that how these investors are going to keep their holdings of bitcoin. Their investment decision impacts the price volatility of bitcoin. For example, last year, when Ellen mask announced his interest in what is coin had led to the rise in its pricing, while this adversely impacted the value of bitcoin. 

3. Does news and media impact the crypto value?

While most investors recommend that one must not go with the hype created on the news and social media platforms. But we cannot undermine the fact that this also impacts the value of bitcoin. Rumors and news on cryptocurrencies can dramatically impact their value. For example, the recent news of war between Russia and Ukraine, when Russia announced that it might ban cryptocurrency, had impacted the value of the crypto assets. It is utmost important that the financial traders stay updated with the latest news in the crypto domain.


4. Which countries are introducing regulations in the crypto market?

Ever since the concept of the decentralized transaction was introduced, we have always focused on these transactions to be free from governance or any government control. While some see this as a positive move that will initiate mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrency transactions and trading, there is a section that believes that adding more regulations and stringent policies might impact the value of cryptocurrencies. Countries like Canada, the USA, India, and the UK have introduced regulations and taxation on the trading of crypto assets. This may impact the value of cryptocurrencies. Any such development can have a dramatic effect on the value of the cryptocurrency.

5. Is Bitcoin still a worthy financial investment option for the traders?

The question is pretty much evident. And most people might have this in their mind. With so much dynamism in the crypto market and price fluctuations that impact its value, every investor would once think about the fact of whether they should go ahead with crypto investment or not. 

It is recommended that any investment decision, whether it is stock market or crypto assets, must be driven by thorough research and understanding of the market. A vigilant trader who is smart enough to keep a tab on the latest developments will ensure that he or she frames that trading strategy that will give them profitable outcomes.


At the end of the day, every Bitcoin trader should give importance to choosing the right crypto trading platform. These must be credible and also give you the leverage to explore different cryptocurrencies. Platforms like Bitcoin-Code app are going to give you a hassle-free trading journey. Exploring other crypto exchange platforms will also help you in assessing whether the trading platform that you are choosing is worth your time and money or not.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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