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Every individual wish to earn great rewards in returns on their investment. Trading in the stock and share market has been the conventional idea, but today there are newer modes of gaining good returns. For example, people are investing in oil bonds, gold, and cryptocurrencies. 

Of these, cryptocurrency investment has garnered a lot of attention. One of the main reasons why Bitcoins are so demanding in value is because of its good returns. Many individuals who have invested in cryptocurrency have reaped benefits multiple folds. 

Now, when planning to invest in cryptocurrencies, one needs to choose a crypto exchange platform; however, among many choice options, it can be quite challenging for a new investor to find the right one. 

How To Choose A Bitcoin Exchange: The Ultimate Guide

In this section of the article, we have shed light on the tips that will help you find the best crypto exchange platform; read on to know more in detail!


1. Never procrastinate your search process– If you want to invest wisely and want the results to be rewarding, then it’s important that you must choose to research first. Whether you are trading in the stock market or in the cryptocurrency market, there is no replacement for a detailed assessment of a crypto exchange platform. 


There are more than 600 crypto exchanges. So how do you figure out which is the best one for your trading? Try to shortlist the best option based on the reviews and check out the website. If you find the navigation process to be complex, then you must not give it the go-ahead but rather start looking for a new one.


2. Always check the crypto options on the platform– Diversifying your investment portfolio is the first decision that you should take. Whether you are investing in the short-term or long-term having different cryptocurrencies in your portfolio will simplify the process for you.  


Hence when you are choosing a crypto exchange platform, make sure that you also explore the different cryptocurrencies available on the platform. For example, if you are keen on investing in bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum, then the platform should offer you trade in these cryptocurrencies.


3. Check the payment options- You would not want to lose your money, and hence choosing a platform that offers a safe payment gateway becomes paramount. Most of the crypto exchange platforms now offer the facility of trading and buying cryptocurrencies using your credit card, debit card, payment wallets, and PayPal. 


While this certainly simplifies the trading process and buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, it is important that you should check the fees associated with it. If you have decided to make a purchase using your credit card or PayPal, then there is a piece associated with it. This may vary from one platform to another, and hence it is significant that you must have a closer look at this aspect as well.


4. Software and technology- The technology and the software that backs a crypto exchange platform play an important role in enhancing the user experience. You would not want to start your trading journey with glitches or technical or technological problems. This may impact your trading strategy as well. 

Hence when you are choosing a crypto exchange platform, make sure that you check that it is backed by state-of-the-art technology and software. In addition, it is also important to see if the trading platform is offering you the facility of recommending trading strategies. There are many bought trading platforms that are well-versed with an algorithm that can help you decide the trading strategy based on your profile.


Trading in cryptocurrency is a lucrative deal. However, this is only guaranteed when you are running it on a trusted crypto exchange platform like such as Immediate Edge app. Once you run through these platforms, you will have an understanding of what a professional and a state-of-the-art crypto exchange platform looks like. 

The crypto exchange platform will also give you good customer support, which helps in building trust in the crypto exchange. The crypto market is very new and at a stage of nascency. Hence choosing a trustworthy platform will enhance your user experience.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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