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We are now seeing more earbud manufacturers delivering gaming earbuds which is a good thing but for gaming my main go-to are headphones but this has changed recently having tested some earbuds aimed for gamers and this is one pair that can easily be recommended too and a good move from Urbanista.

On that note though these are excellent for music too and with their app that has got more to offer than it did on the Solar powered Los Angeles headphones they offer the consumer a great product to get enhanced in either music or gaming due to the 70ms latency touted on the box cover and from testing whilst gaming they do deliver and this is a good thing and they are also very affordable.

These are also small earbuds with a stem and are clean and come in a range of nice colours too which again is a good thing for the consumer giving them some choice they have a secure fit giving decent passive noise isolation once you have applied the right tips which you should do every time you get new earbuds.

The controls work well and with the app you can also customise these to suit your needs and we go through all this in the video review below so you don’t have to. There is a small area to touch but like any earbud this size time will sort you out on muscle memory and you will be a pro like your gaming is hopefully in no time.

On the gaming front you do have a normal mode and gaming mode to toggle between and the earbuds shine with both, great bass to be heard here highs lows and mids are fine and you also have more options in the app to toy around with to get your desired soundstage.

Overall these are a great pair of earbuds for the music lover and gamer giving them a hybrid approach and their first go at this has been executed really well plus you get an app which for me is always a bonus and gives that bit more confidence in the brand.

Mobile Gaming Earphones
70 ms Low Latency for Mobile Gaming
Playtime 8 hours
Total playtime 32 hours
Noise Cancelling Microphones
Automatic Power Off
Touch Controls
Voice Assistant Support
Wireless Charging
App Support
Water Resistant Earphones (IPX4)
USB Type-C Charging
Bluetooth® 5.2


Video Review

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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