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Instax is a popular brand when it comes to their retro cameras and are popular with family and friends here when they come to visit not only that they have got  good views on our site and Youtube channel over the years too and it is fair to say they are a bit more than a niche product and garner much attention.

The product will look familiar however from before and has two new visible features which is a button up top and LED light on the side, the front is as before with the logo in center that can change colours and you can also set the tone here. The build quality is the same and it is a robust kit with a textured finish which will not slip out of your hand if you happen to have a few on your night out and so on, I did drop mine here at home on a tile floor with no beers on board and it still works fine so I can stand testament to the build quality and that is a good thing, it did not spring open and components  jump all around the place like some tech can and has done.

We have pretty much the same as before here and the new instaxAiR which allows users to add graphics to their prints, via the free downloadable instax mini Link App 1, including bubbles, petals, neon, spray paint, or a glitter look by simply holding the instax mini Link 2, pressing the feature button on top, whilst aiming the side LED to start drawing in the air. What is drawn in the air will then appear on the print preview in-app and once the user is happy with the look, the graphics will appear on the print itself. Users of the instaxAiR feature can even record a video of the drawing and share the moment as a printable QR code that appears on the print. The QR code can be scanned to view the video, download it, or share it on social media. Not something for me but it will be for others being honest I am just the kind that will take photos, edit if required and print them as is but there is plenty of editing options asides this within the app that allows you get creative.

Perhaps me and my age might be a factor here in trying to enhance the natural effects I have always been one to moot airbrushed photos and so on and say to people just be yourself and with how things are today with filters AI and beauty. So beside this and what is available in the app there is plenty to toy around with and get a more personalised finished product as we will see in the video review below where we look at all the options at hand, including the app and more.

Overall this is a neat gadget and given it may not be for the masses it is something you should try anyway and have it there to print photos there and then even at home or at a party or family occasion, who these days actually remembers photos or would rather plaster their lives on social media then complain about data and ads.,. I know what I prefer and that is having photos in the hand in my house and be able to share them via this nifty little smartphone printer.


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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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