Student retention platforms

People in all spheres, including students and lecturers, have benefited from the continual advancement of technology. Plenty of websites and apps are available to help college and university students manage their schoolwork such as Additionally, students are increasingly using laptops, tablets, and smartphones in class and at home, both for academic purposes and for personal use.

However, the widespread adoption of these gadgets and the shift to the online sphere have resulted in a decline in students’ attention, thus decreasing their engagement in learning activities considerably. Luckily, this is where student engagement and retention platforms come into play. 

What Are Student Engagement and Retention Platforms?

A student engagement and retention platform is a tool that keeps a record of student profiles and academic information. It is the most effective way to capture each student’s personal input, plus it facilitates real-time communication between students and faculty members. 

Every time students interact, their data are added to centralized, unified profiles. This contributes to a more personalized experience for each student and is an excellent way for lecturers to track their students’ performance and understand them better. With apps like the student engagement and retention platform by campusM, educators can gain valuable insight into areas such as student attendance, daily submissions, and interactive activities. 

In addition, a platform like this can be used to promote events, increase attendance, and engage students more effectively. But the ultimate goal is to encourage student participation and retention in the classroom and on campus.

Benefits of Student Engagement and Retention Platforms

The following section outlines a few benefits of using a student engagement and retention platform.

Better Understanding of Student Needs

Detailed analyses and student participation reports can help universities determine which events or methods of delivering courses should be used and which ones should be discarded. With this data, lecturers can plan for the future and make informed decisions.

Automation of Tedious Tasks

Lecturers no longer have to spend hours on time-consuming processes such as grading, marking, and tracking student performance. Engagement and retention apps can make grading assignments, conduct discussions, and manage event participants instead.

Personalized Student Experience

Using engagement platforms allows institutions to tailor learning to the needs of each student. Thanks to the app’s unique features, learning content is customized according to the student’s strengths, interests, ethnicity, community needs, and cultural background.

Furthermore, teacher assistants, with their teacher aide courses, can provide further personalized care, behavior, and experience for the teachers to their students. Students can choose topics that interest them and participate in related activities.Still, these platforms don’t only benefit the students in the long run — they are good for the lecturers, too. Personalizing a student’s experience requires an ongoing team effort, but in the end, the lecturers will also reap the benefits of streamlined workflow, automated alerts, and automatically generated feedback.

Increased Student Engagement

The software tracks students’ participation and evaluates a course’s effectiveness based on their feedback. Moreover, it may be possible to increase engagement and retention levels with emerging technologies, such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) — especially for those students who have difficulty following text-heavy courses. This article also provides valuable information on increasing student engagement in the classroom. 

Valuable Student Insights Uncovered

Understanding student behavior allows teachers to make better decisions that will help young minds flourish. A student engagement and retention app enables lecturers to easily create robust reports and generate actionable insights that everyone can use to stay on top of things and take the best possible action.

Universities can also gather information about the common reasons for dropping out. Collecting such feedback allows the faculty to identify at-risk individuals and improve their overall experience.

Unified Student Profiles

The data on student engagement and retention is often scattered across multiple formats and systems. However, with student engagement and retention platforms, this information is easily collected, unified, and organized into a single profile that can be accessed anytime.

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