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To celebrate Amazon Prime Day (12th & 13th July 2022), Petoi, the maker of futuristic robotic pets, is offering 20% off its palm-sized, bionic robot dog – Bittle. Available from Amazon UK here, Bittle will be reduced from £299.99 to £239.99, a saving of £60. Petoi will also be offering 20% off Bittle accessories including the Additional Battery Pack (was £39.99, now £31.99) and the Intelligent Camera Module (was £59.99, now £47.99).

Small but agile, Bittle is a powerful robot that can be programmed to walk, do tricks and roll around just like a real dog. Bittle operates on OpenCat, an open-source quadrupled robot platform that offers endless programming and customisation possibilities. It is an ideal tool for teaching, researching and learning about STEM and robotics.

Users bring Bittle to life by assembling its puzzle-like frame which is made up of 3D interlocking components, eliminating the need for screws. The bionic construction of legs rather than wheels means that Bittle is able to move more freely over unstructured terrain. With a simple and beautiful design, Bittle can be configured and controlled using Petoi’s official mobile app.

Evolving with an open-source gene, Bittle is built on Petoi’s OpenCat open-source platform which was first launched in 2018 by Petoi’s founder Dr. Rongzhong Li specifically for quadrupled robots. Bittle’s dynamic maneuverability and behaviours are features typically seen on luxury robots but Petoi’s technology is now making it accessible to more consumers.

With a customised Arduino board coordinating all instinctive and sophisticated movements, users are able to clip various smart sensors onto Bittle or mount a Raspberry Pi or other AI chips through wired/wireless connections to inject perception and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Features include:

  • OpenCat framework
  • Arduino compatible motion controller & wireless connectivity
  • Interlocking plastic frame
  • Shock reduction joints
  • Programmable gaits and behaviours
  • 9 x fast, powerful digital metal servos

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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