Technology drives the vast majority of modern industries, and the entertainment industry is the one to benefit a lot from that. The high-tech solutions allow people to experience incredible moments while watching movies, listening to music or playing online casinos. The pandemic, when there were a few outlets to have fun live, was a factor as well. During that time, there was a significant raise of events that moved to a digital space, when many people visited music concerts, played board games or played safe and secure online casinos like CasinoLuck. As a result, the industry experienced a burst of fresh ideas, solutions and tools to make entertainment process more and more fascinating and affordable. Below there are 5 significant technological consequences of a recent breakthrough that shall be covered and discussed in more details.

  1. Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality (VR) technology, as well as Advanced Reality (AR) is being one of the most popular gaming technologies so far. The simulated environment allows people to experience something that was beyond our imagination just 10 years ago. The VR concerts by Lindsey Stirling and Marshmello got extremely positive feedback by hundreds of thousands of visitors, and allowed them to feel the emotions that would never happen in a practical real show. The thing there is still the same – the full VR immersion might be reached only by using a VR headset. But using this, you will definitely experience something absolutely new for you, let it be a videogame, theater events, exhibitions or casinos, like OnlineCasinoGo, where you can find games according to your gambling needs and desires.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

The AI continues to change the comprehension of the world around us, and it keeps developing itself and usual events around us. The popularity of streaming services and their huge AI investments make the developing of Artificial Intelligence even more precise and rapid. According to Netflix, more than 80% of its content delivery is achieved through recommendation. The chatbots that help you to solve some technical issues faster than it was ever before, and voice recognition systems are one of the most obvious achievements of the AI that we use every day. Don’t forget about AI usage in medicine, Machine Learning and Data Science, that let us hope to achieve something that we can’t imagine being true today.

  1. Cloud gaming

Not so popular topic, comparing to VR and AI, but still very significant. Cloud gaming is designed to give players access to virtual machines in the cloud. You don’t need to install any software or do anything like this, all you need there is a stable and fast internet connection. You can connect the game to your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. As a result, you can play whenever and wherever you want. Many online casinos use cloud gaming technology because it boosts user experience and provides access to various games, including slot machines.

  1. NFT

Non-fungible tokens are controversial but undeniably revolutionary. Blockchain-dwelling certificates are being used to record the ownership of digital assets and enable “unique” digital content. NFT Artwork is the most widely known type of NFT. There are also collectibles, trading cards, event tickets, music, gaming, charity, big sports moments (digital video clips), internet memes, virtual fashion, etc. Ethereum is the blockchain example for NFTs due to its believed blue-chip status in the cryptocurrency world and its possible reputation for smart contracts. Each NFT is unique, and there is a market for collectible NFTs. There is an auction where people can list and bid on their newly minted NFTs. There are even NFT promotion companies to help market your NFTs for you to get better prices for them.

  1. Social media 2.0

The “traditional” social networks, like Facebook and Twitter are still extremely popular, but 2022 is another year for these giants to announce that their audience is dwindling at an alarming rate, especially if we talk about younger generation. The way that people prefer to consume the information today paves the way for new social medias, like TikTok. The recent privacy quarrels also influenced a lot, as well as fake news cases made many people to give up reading some classic networks and look for alternatives. The AI helps to detect fake news, but the reputation of some resources already suffered a lot. The process of new social medias popularization is only beginning, experts say, so we might expect news from that industry very soon.

In conclusion, we can state that modern technology is making the entertainment industry better and more sensitive to consumers’ desires, but it also makes it more competitive. We can expect that there will be more players on the fields of social media or tech suppliers, especially if the currents ones won’t be able to adapt their development strategies to the new reality.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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