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The Creative Zen Hybrid wireless headphones are the latest pair of cans on offer from the company and affordable, with a matt white finish they look clean and one could argue a bit more expensive than they are and if you missed out on the introductory offer you have really lost out here it must be said. These come well presented in a small box and details clearly visible to their feature set. You can see the full unboxing below if you missed it before we reviewed them.

These cans are not huge nor heavy and ideal for long term use be it for music or gaming and podcasts, and so on, either way will enjoy them an with access to their super app SXFI you can control and customise even more adding to the value for money here, having tested other headphones in the past headphones combined with the app is a win win for most.

The headphones are very comfortable and light which is important as these can be used not only for music but gaming and more the controls are all one one side which again I like and these controls are slightly raised and easy to navigate and you have a handy ANC button at your disposal too, no creaks noted during use and no sweating of the cups but on long term use like several hours depending on the humidity there was slight sweating, nothing like what I have come across before though.

Unboxing the Creative Zen Hybrid

The headphones are fine without the app but may sound a bit hollow for some however once you download their app the game changes completely for me and I am a huge fan and as mentioned had the pleasure to test this app out several times, the app is on preview during my testing and did a good job and can only get better and I may come back again later with another review when full access is granted but even as is it does a decent job.

In the app you can skip/reverse play/pause and adjust the treble and bass and also customise presets if you like so you have plenty to mess with for now, the sound quality is great and with the extra bass and treble to play with for me this is good if you are a bass fan you are going to like it, for gaming they are also great, music and movies again great with good direction no overlapping and good highs lows and mids with no lag latency noted either.

For the money you cant really complain the battery life is also good at this price and you get 5 hours of playback with a 5 minute charge and this is noteworthy here, In real life testing the battery life would hit around 35 hours for me maxing out the lot which is what I tend to do and have them at max volume which is not good for the ears but when I have headphones on and when testing I do not want to know what else is going on but you have ambient mode at your disposal too which is no common in most headphones and ideal for catching those things you might want to hear going on.

Calls where also fine on these and clear both ends which is great should you need to take any and overall for the money here the clean design that look well with that matt finish you can’t expect more however the price to performance ratio is getting better these days and it is a crowded market but with Creative being a well established brand and great products and of course their SXFI app it does give more than most for the money here.

See the video review below for more insights.

Key Features of Creative Zen Hybrid

  • Hybrid ANC (feedforward and feedback mics on each earcup)

  • Ambient Mode

  • Battery life – up to 37 hours (ANC turned off), up to 27 hours (ANC turned on)

  • Up to 5 hours of playback with only 5 minutes of charging

  • 40 mm Neodymium drivers

  • Foldable design, with carry pouch included


Pricing and Availability

Creative Zen Hybrid is priced at £ 99.99 and is available at the Creative online store.

For more information, visit

Video Review

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