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The Sennheiser Momentum True wireless 3 have been my latest earbuds to test here and these come in at the more expensive end of the market, as is the market is pretty overcrowded now however giving the consumer lots of choice which is not a bad thing. People as spoiled for choice and with the cost to performance ratio so good now with earbuds are these worth the spend? There is more earbuds out there that offer just the same for less and this might be the only caveat for the new earbuds from the company but brand fans will not let that get in the way and as the saying goes you have to pay to play or you get what you pay for do these justify their high price in the earbud market? Let’s take a look.

Design, build and fit

Well those who have had the previous two models will see some subtle differences here with the new one, as mentioned in my detailed video review and unboxing I have not tried the previous pairs and my review is based on these alone but you can easily spot the differences between new and old. Either way the design language is not to distant yet perhaps better this time around and this should please users if more than anything. These are slightly larger earbuds than other out there so take that into account.

The App

As expected they have a great app to go along with the earbuds and at this price point it is expected, again I go through the app in detail and all the functions at hand and how you can customise your earbuds and it gets a thumbs up from me asides on thing and that is the data collection on using Sound Zones and in order to use this you need to sign up this may bother some but sure look at what else other companies know about us already but it is worth noting this.The data is location data if you must know and again where that goes and how it is used is another matter. Another cool feature is the Anti Wind which is useful outdoors more so on calls but again cleans up annoying noises.

The Sound

The part everyone wants to know, still testing the biggest range of earbuds here in Ireland these are up there at the top, highs lows and mids are great, great bass and more and the app just helps you along to get the right sound for you, with more expensive heavy hitters out there these easily get in my top 3 earbuds to data and it has been a while since one of those had to be shelved from the current 3 I had ranked at the the top, for music films gaming and podcasts you are in for a treat there but everyone’s ears are different however these do shine regardless and anyone that picks these up will be happy. The ANC is up there again but not the best but not far off it either overall and in fairness it is hard to compare earbuds to headphones but this factor is getting better making earbuds having a more complete effect overall with the likes of ANC getting so good. Sound profiles this time are Bluetooth 5.2 with aptX Adaptive, aptX, AAC, SBC.

Battery Life

Battery life is averaging around 26 hours with maxed out volume and so on this is a real world use test after several weeks testing them they will go closed to the 28hr mark with things turned down a few notches as with any earbuds that are highly customisable with the likes of ANC and so that does affect the total endurance of the earbuds.


These are really good earbuds and brand loyalists will be happy here overall with the product and perhaps some of the new app features minus the data caveat, to be fair others are also doing this too, If you want the best performance out of the earbuds do the soundcheck test and try out the Sound zones you can create up to 20 of these and these can set the tone for the environment you are in and also use the sound check again to create a better set up just for you, for calls they are fine overall and do a decent job, you also get wireless charging which for me is great and of course USB-C fast charging.  You have an IPX 4 rating which will suit most and now new fins alongside the integrated tips which again you should check all to get the best fit.

See the video review for more below.


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