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While in the past, interpretation was leading the way in interpreting a speaker’s words into another language in real-time and physically present at the venue. Now, we have another variant of it- the Remote Simultaneous Interpretation – RSI, which is widely gaining ground due to its use in various interpretation platforms.

What is Remote Simultaneous Interpretation?

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) is a process of transforming spoken or signed speech from one language to another in a matter of milliseconds while being in a remote location. It is an advancement in the interpreting field and a premium way of making conferences of any size access to a multilingual audience.

Where can it be used?

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation can be used in a number of places according to needs and requirements for the on-site or off-site meeting. It turns events into multilingual sessions, guaranteeing the precise interpretation and transmission of thought in order to remove language barriers and increase engagement.

It is a proven way to increase attendance and provide information in a more suggestive/mesmerizing manner. 

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation can be used in:

  1. Conferences
  2. Panel discussions.
  3. Online meetings.
  4. Webinars.
  5. Seminars.
  6. International businesses.
  7. Minor meetings, 


How do I integrate Remote Simultaneous Interpretation services for an online meeting? 

There are different interpretation platforms that help you attain a successful multilingual online meeting/event. Through these platforms, the speaker, interpreter(s), and audience create a connection and take part in the online meeting. As “remote” suggests, meetings can be held from various parts of the world where parties are connected using the RSI platform. 

Speakers, interpreters and the audience are integrated in the following way:


  • Speaker- A presenter speaks in one language. Their speech and image are streamed live to a remote interpreter, typically through a web browser on a desktop computer or laptop.
  • Interpreter(s)- A remote interpreter hears and sees the speaker on the device. Using a quality headset and a microphone, they translate the speaker’s language into the desired different language, in real-time.
  • Audience- Attendees and/or delegates can connect to the interpretation platform via a computer or a mobile device seeing and hearing the speaker in the language of their choice interpreted by the interpreter.
  • Interpretation Platform – The interpreter’s speech is transmitted to a cloud-based remote simultaneous interpretation platform through the laptop or desktop computer. Good broadband is essential. Platforms like Interprefy integrate with popular teleconferencing products like Skype, and Zoom, as well as offering a standalone web conferencing service.


What are some common Interpretation Platforms?

Remote simultaneous interpretation platforms can make virtual, hybrid, and onsite multilingual events happen and thrive assisting you from the preparation stage to the last minute of your event with a help of the highest expertise having interpreters. 

Following are some interpretation platforms that integrate remote simultaneous interpretation services in online events:


  1. Kudo – It is an RSI platform that doesn’t need any additional external program such as Zoom or Skype.
  2. Interactio – it is both an event and an RSI platform.
  3. Interprefy – It is also an event as well as RSI platform which can directly host online events with or without external programs.
  4. Voiceboxer – an RSI and event platform..
  5. Zoom – an online platform for holding meetings with interpreting functions.
  6. Speakus – a dedicated RSI platform that connects to external programs for online events.


What are the Benefits of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Platforms?


  • Reduced cost- RSI platforms reduce the costs of organizing the event.


  • Enhanced Flexibility – Meetings and conferences often need to be arranged at a short notice. Using RSI, you can provide various means and languages and other accessibilities at whatever time and at whatever place.


  • Hassle-Free Tech- Expensive on-site equipment days are gone. With RSI, participants adhere to the rule “bring your own device” and listen in your own language.


  • Greater Versatility- With RSI, events at difficult-to-reach locations like remote places, resorts and mountains can now be served by world-class interpreters.


  • More Floor space- RSI takes away the need for soundproof interpreter booths, freeing up valuable space.


To Wrap Up

Remote simultaneous interpretation is an advanced and constantly evolving asset for multilingual events. The combination of industry knowledge, experienced interpreters, and the right tools can significantly improve the experience for all participants in RSI. Hence, interpretation platforms are thriving in the remote simultaneous interpretation businesses.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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