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I do not need to tell you every house should have a smoke alarm but they a super important and again no need to explain why, they come in all shapes and size and again cost differences are there they are now installed in all new builds and wired but this little guy is wireless and smart and works really well and I have put it to the test.

The design is simple and familiar and it is smaller than most out there, it is easy to set up and the app is simple to use too which we go through in the video review and a live sample of it in action, a stock image review will have no context which is becoming too common and just lazy so we go through all out tech hands on for better context.

How does this work.

It is simple, you get a battery with it, mount to wherever suits connect to the app and you are done, it is that simple.

What features do you get.

2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Connection – Most tech is this anyway

Easily connect this alarm to your X-Sense app via a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. Then you can control the alarm afar and be warned about any emergencies.

Easy Installation

1-minute installation in any circumstance with our included accessories, adding an attractive twist to your home.

Loud 85 dB Buzzer

Be alerted to fire hazards through the detector’s loud 85-dB alarm with a flashing LED indicator.

Full App Control

Control your smoke alarm from your fingertips. You can activate the self-check function, check the battery level and enable timely notifications, all within the app.

Instant Notifications

See what’s going on in the app notifications and be alerted to any fire hazards as soon as possible.

Overall this is a great cost effective product so for example if you have a garden shed or storage area outside or similar you can use this product there or indeed just add it your home for some extra security.

Check out the video for more and if you have any questions feel free to ask.


Video Link

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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