ESR phone case and lens protector for the samsung galaxy s22 ultra

Need to spruce up and protect your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra well a company called ESR has some ideas which does just that, cases for the S22 ultra are not hard to find however lens protectors is a newish thing these days and something you do need to look into, I found out the hard way with my iPhone 13 pro earlier this year and had to fork out a pretty penny to get one of the lenses repaired which cracked somehow and with the phones out now today with huge humps on the rear or lenses simply not protected perhaps now is time more should look into offering lens protection.

The case first of all is simple and clean and offers full protection of the device front and rear, this does also work when the lens protectors are fitted so there is no worry here thinking the case won’t fit of you get both. The case also comes with a metal kickstand and it is not plastic in which many cases with a kickstand are so there is a better offering here straight away, all ports are available as expected and it does work with wireless chargers too, you have no need to remove the case from your phone and enjoy media both horizontally and vertically. There is a lip on the front which enables you to leave your phone face down, the keys work well too with nice travel and function well all the time..You also get additional grip with the case which is helpful.

The lense protectors are great and an easy install to with how this was presented it looks like the whole camera hump was removed in the pack and you simply sit on top of the existing set up on your phone and apply some pressure and peel off and that is it, for a first time install myself it was nice to see and I would recommend anyone that has phones that have a similar lens setup to invest in this product.

Check out the video for more.


Metal kickstand case             Lens protector

Video review


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