Online gambling in Ireland

Gambling is a pastime as old as time itself and has had a significant impact on the cultural history of many countries in the modern world. 

It seems that no matter how fast the world continues to upgrade its technology, the games and sports that have been around for centuries live on in the new age, integrated into the technological landscape with all the benefits this has the potential to bring. 

Gambling is certainly one of these activities that has evolved alongside humans and their technology, and one of the countries in which the activity has a rich history in Ireland. 

Known as a cultural home for horse racing and producing some of the best jockeys the world has ever seen, it’s no surprise that the Irish love to try their luck at any one of the many stakes on the line during a horse racing competition. 

However, much like in other modern countries with an affinity for gambling, there is a new player on the block – online gambling. 

While the aim of online gambling is to provide players with an experience that is familiar to their land-based gambling experiences, the online nature of it brings a whole new range of factors for lawmakers to consider, and hence, Ireland has specific laws for the regulation of the online gambling industry.

Read on to find out more about gambling online in Ireland and how to stay safe and within the law. 

History of Irish Gambling

While under the rule of the English, gambling became an institutionalised part of Irish everyday life, as the success of horse racing in England had been easily transferrable to its colony of the time. 

Such was the strength of influence from England at the time that betting on horse racing was adopted very quickly, and by the year 1751, there were over 400 separate locations in Ireland for horse racing, and punters could bet at every single one of them. 

It wasn’t just horse racing that took off, too, as while under English rule all gambling remained largely unregulated, including card games and other games, a useful distraction for rich landowners that collected taxes for the colonisers. 

Once Ireland became a free state in 1922, it got to work on a law that would outlaw illegal gambling, and the Betting Act was passed in 1926.

Current Online Gambling Law in Ireland

Thankfully for players looking to bet online in Ireland, it’s a long-established and well-regulated industry that is safe to participate in, as long as the company in question holds a license from the government under the Irish Gambling Act. 

Players can also use services provided by companies licensed by approved regulators, such as the UK Gambling Commission, meaning Irish players have access to the best UK casino service providers too. 

Future Changes to Irish Gambling Law

While there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of significant change coming for Online Gambling laws in Ireland, the rate at which the technology is expanding means it’s impossible to rule out amendments in the future. 

The Gambling Control Bill of 2013 has been held in Parliament since that year and would bring in tougher regulations should the bill ever pass. 

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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