With employee retention and satisfaction becoming a major point-of-concern, Irish software engineering teams have revealed the latest secrets for workplace happiness. According to recent data, there are over 30,000 software development professionals working all over Ireland. Working in a dynamic industry that is worth over €55 Billion, employees need to take a few extra steps to remain content, fulfilled, and happy. As a systems engineer yourself, it is critical to understand what Irish businesses are on the path to keep their teams satisfied. To get started now, read on to learn about the secrets to workplace happiness, revealed by Irish software teams. 

Work Collaboratively With Engaged Teams

All across Ireland, successful development teams have come to understand the power of collaborative working. True dev-centric workplaces take all the necessary steps to remove barriers to constant collaboration. This often involves creating an open, highly-social atmosphere where teams can thrive together. With this collaborative approach, teams tend to exhibit higher levels of confidence, productivity, and overall satisfaction. In fact, most software engineers work far better when they are paired up with somebody else. It helps them troubleshoot complex issues, gain helpful feedback, and benefit from an extra skillset. Surely, working collaboratively is one of the best ways to keep Irish software development teams happy, satisfied, and fulfilled. 

Leverage Cloud Native Technologies

Irish dev teams are increasingly turning to powerful cloud native technologies to foster workplace happiness and employee satisfaction. Dev companies need to leverage the best tools, technologies, and resources to keep teams happy. Cloud native solutions are known to accelerate releases, deliver superior user experience (UX), and simplify developer management processes. Plus, they support seamless containerization and cloud-standard technologies. This powerful functionality is known to make employees work far simpler, which directly contributes to their overall happiness. Of course, there are numerous solutions that can be implemented for cloud-based software development. For example, many engineers use the JFrog Platform for Cloud native DevOps. These resources help teams maintain a uniform, consistent, and structured security posture. Certainly, leveraging cloud native technologies is a major secret to workplace happiness and success. 

Prioritize Work-Life Balance

According to Irish programming experts, keeping a structured work-life balance is absolutely vital to stay happy, content, and satisfied. Employees need to feel that their daily work is a small part of a rich, fulfilling lifestyle. That’s where work-life balance comes into the picture. An adequate balance keeps teams productive, less stressed, and more engaged. It also makes sure they feel valued for their company contributions. Year over year, employees with a structured work-life balance also have lower absenteeism, burnout, or sickness levels as well. After all, we can expect both their physical and mental health to be much stronger. Indeed, prioritize work-life balance to remain happy in dynamic software development environments.

Support Workplace Autonomy

Irish teams also emphasize the happiness of workplace autonomy for software developers. The most successful teams allow programmers to make important decisions on their own, without checking in with top-tier managers. In addition, employees are allowed to contribute frequent ideas and choose their own work schedules. On a leadership front, supervisors need to avoid habitual micromanagement. This often occurs when they consistently interfere with developer performance, progress, productivity. Absolutely, supporting workplace autonomy has been uncovered as one of the most effective techniques for happy employees. 

Update The Scenery

Irish teams also say that the importance of nice office scenery should never be overlooked. Most importantly, employees need a space where they can relax both inside and outside. This is why so many office parks are located near a serene lake, or a park with walking trails. Or, they’ll offer an indoor gym, fitness center, or cafeteria where employees can unwind. This gives team members a chance to reset and take short breaks in between the day. Ultimately, this helps them be more productive, focused, and satisfied throughout their daily work. Definitely, try updating the scenery to promote workplace happiness throughout custom software development companies. 

According to Irish software programming experts, there are several core secrets to workplace happiness and employee satisfaction. First off, encourage collaborative, engaged working environments. In addition, think about the advantages of leveraging cloud computing technologies for workplace satisfaction. It also really helps to allow employees to work autonomously. Of course, never overlook the importance of updating the scenery. This helps employees stay recharged, less stressed, and ready-to-work in the office. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the secrets to workplace happiness, revealed by Irish development teams. 

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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