Growcube techbuzzireland setup and review

GrowCube is the world’s first smart watering product based on four independent soil moisture sensors and water outlets, combined with exclusive APP, aiming to provide professional and easy watering methods for gardeners. It would water plants automatically once it sensors its lacking water in soil. It would be best choice for those who have no time for watering plants because of business, travel or busy work, it is also a smart plant guider for those who are new to grow plants.

I am no plant expert and stated so in the unboxing but can see the logic behind this product and have been testing it out for a while, the whole setup in itself is simple and can be used in many ways but it is only for indoor use which is fine, so for me I  had to go get some plants and get going laying out all the pipes and fittings then install the fittings and get the app up and running.


It will take some time due to the work involved but I enjoyed it as it was something new for me and any plant lover will be the same. The end result is what is great and not having to worry about your flowers which is the point of this product and with an app that allows you to control your plants needs while you are away it is for those most flourished of plant lovers especially during the Summer months when you are away this allows you to forget about your plants and at the touch of a button you can give them the water they need, time it and so on. Check out the video below for a tour and setup and see what it is all about.

How It Works

GrowCube Obtains soil moisture data for plant growth in real-time by reliable soil moisture sensors, combined with the APP which contains over 3000 kinds of plants growth humidity guidance data, keeping a comfortable growth moisture environment for variety of plants. This is the fun part, learning about plants even for beginners like me and for the more established green fingers, you can also take a photo of your plant with google lens for example and see the name of it or let it assist you in getting the right plants.

Growcube techbuzzireland


With the aid of sensor magnetic plug-and-play interface design, GrowCube is easy to use. Simple and stylish appearance matches the watering scenarios in office, home and many other places. In addition to personal use, GrowCube is also a good gift for parents, wife, or friends. We’re proud to announce that the world’s super smart plant watering product is ready, GrowCube will be your best plant care assistant!

See the video below for more.

For more information about GrowCube, please visit the official website of Elecrow

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